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MP3 Download ..: 6/27/2016 15:04:56

Fc Bayern
Level 65
Hey folks.

I did use "youtube-to-mp3-converter" to get the mp3 music-File. However youtube doesnt allow it anymore and blocked the converter.

Do you know a good internetside to get music-Files? I dont want to get something like a trojas or virus.

Sorry, for my bad english.
MP3 Download ..: 6/27/2016 15:06:27

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 59
... umm google youtube mp3 and there is a site that does it for you. ;)

i don't want to link it on the thread, because fizzer might have to make it disappear.

Edited 6/27/2016 15:07:28
MP3 Download ..: 6/27/2016 16:27:02

Level 58

Top link. Should mention GreenTree Applications. They developed it. I would link directly to it but as Speck said, Fizzer would probably delete the link. We wouldn't want to promote pirating music, would we?

It's perfectly safe to download, though you're welcome to scan it with your antivirus software first.
It allows you to download from loads of video sites and convert to loads of file types, including MP3.
MP3 Download ..: 6/27/2016 16:34:07

Level 62
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