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Blacklist this trolls please: 11/1/2013 16:44:14

Cryogenic Warrior
Level 55
In the past 2 months (i think) i did encounter some really stupid and troll players. I love playing in big maps with huge bonuses and with 0 neutrals, FFA or Diplo. The only thing is that there is a way to troll in those enormous maps and its 1)not surrendering when its completly OBVIOUS that you cant win and 2)commiting the last 5 seconds. I use a template where the time for the direct boot is set to 7 minutes, so in some cases the entire game lasted like 4-5 hours and the last 3 hours were just for troll. So i decided bring this shit here just for you, the serious players, blacklist this players that like to troll like this. I dunno about you, but i think this is the most annoying troll of warlight ever. Not only a completly waste of time, but also this awesome game gets really boring and without any sense. The following 3 games shows a little what im talking about:

Player: Wensink

Player: Hidden Hand

Player: Seroslav.PL

For this reason i cant really enjoy making this games because one of 3 or 4 games i create happen this stupid shit.

You may ask: "Why dont you vote to end or surrender then?" Simple, i want the points to get the necesary lvl to create custom scenarios wich i belive is lvl 46. Thats the only reason, before the levels i normally ended up voting or surrendering for those stupid players, but now i really want to create custom scenarios.

A really good idea that some websites with server has is the global blaklist. Basically, if the name of the player is in that list, he cant join in any game. Some players in warlight really deserves it. Just an idea.

Sorry if there is some mistakes in the writing, im not a native english person, so you know. Thats all i got to say.
Blacklist this trolls please: 11/7/2013 05:27:31

Level 61
Yeah, those are some seriously messed up games.
Blacklist this trolls please: 11/7/2013 06:57:22

Level 46
Report they, maybe they get banned by administrator
Blacklist this trolls please: 11/7/2013 21:45:35

Level 53
A global blacklist can easily be abused.
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