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A "Strategic" Rise of Rome is in the works.: 6/24/2016 23:08:44

Level 58
Hi guys. I just wanted to say that a strategic Rise of Rome is in the making. Incaman (the creator of Rise of Rome) himself has agreed to work with me to create a smaller, more strategic version of Rise of Rome with the hopes and intentions of it being used for future Clan Leagues and for fun, competitive yet very strategic games.


So far our staff consist of myself, Benoit / Simi The Lunatic from 101st / NWO, Master Farah, Aldehyde, Tony Sodano from Lynx, and a couple of other guys. We are using a Skype group to relay messages to each other to discuss how we are going to plan this out. Incaman is going to draw the map, but it is up to us to plan out the territories, plan out the bonuses, decide which name to use for the territories choosing from the existing ones, and making the connections and imputing the territory names after Incaman draws the map out.

If you would like to help give us ideas for the map and know what we have in mind for it, please contact me in PM and give me your Skype or just post on this thread any ideas you have, or any questions. Thanks.
A "Strategic" Rise of Rome is in the works.: 6/25/2016 16:10:35

Level 55
what is the exact purpose for the new map?
which goals do you want to achieve? what do you need to know from the community?
it seems like you already have a bunch of people working on this map. although Im not entirely sure why you have so many players involved, when only Incaman does the map work. maybe you can elaborate a bit on the tasks in your team.

good luck with your project.
A "Strategic" Rise of Rome is in the works.: 6/25/2016 16:20:29

The Loyalist
Level 44
Let's hope it can still be as fun as RoR. Goodluck ;)
A "Strategic" Rise of Rome is in the works.: 6/25/2016 16:53:02

Level 59
On an unrelated note - your profile picture. Eeek.
A "Strategic" Rise of Rome is in the works.: 6/25/2016 18:32:31

Level 58
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