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So I hacked into Skype...: 6/22/2016 03:14:56

Level 55
And found loads of things that I should not have been reading. Turns out, Barack Obama moonlights as the president of Indonesia, the Chinese government is negotiating with aliens to take over the world, and some fun talks, like this one. This is between Prussian Monarchist (username: Bevolkrieg) and squiggles (username: Name is anonym), and I hate to eavesdrop, but there were loads of interesting, thoughtful things said in this talk. It changed my life.

http://imgh.us/ohyeah2.png (the last bit is Prussian Monarchist trying desperately to call him, but to no avail)

Remember, the zoom button on most web browsers you can just hold down CNTRL and just scroll.

Edited 6/22/2016 03:15:37
So I hacked into Skype...: 6/22/2016 04:10:36

Level 59
How did you hack into his skype?
So I hacked into Skype...: 6/22/2016 04:12:51

Radical Traditionalist
Level 30
He didn't, hes lying to try to bait people into replying.
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