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The Warlight Swiss Tournament: 6/18/2016 05:13:33

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
Hello All! I would like to present Warlight with a style of tournament that has not been seen before: The Swiss Style Tournament! This is actually a test run for a larger idea that I have been incubating in my mind, however, I need to see if a Swiss style tournament can work for warlight.


The Swiss style tournament is a style of tournament which focuses on pairing winners with winners and losers with losers, with the goal being to quickly shed off a "top" and "lower" tier of players while having many middle tier players. This type of tournament is much more accurate than Single, Double, and Round Robin in determining who is the best player. Even for a very large number of players, on the scope of hundreds, a winner is determined after about 5-6 rounds.

How it will work

Upon joining, I will assign you a number. I will use a random number generator to deterimine who gets paired against who. A win counts as 2, a bye (very, very rare, only if there is an odd number of people) counts as 1, and a loss counts as 0. People who have the same number of points, in general, will get paired with others with the same number of points. The tournament ends after a certain number of games, depending on how many players sign up. If needed, a tiebreaker tournament will commence after the final game.

Need Assistants

If anyone would like to help create the games with me, I would love the assistance! Please note that I won't start this for about three to four weeks, when clan league as winded down.

That's all folks!

Thank You for your interest!


For the template, I will use the 1v1 ladder template.

Aura Guardian

Edited 6/18/2016 13:28:00
The Warlight Swiss Tournament: 6/18/2016 10:44:13

Level 61
Sounds intriguing, do you have any idea what the template will be?
The Warlight Swiss Tournament: 6/18/2016 10:55:56

Level 58
EDIT: I'm fully interested now

Edited 6/19/2016 00:09:35
The Warlight Swiss Tournament: 6/18/2016 11:35:06

Level 59
Swiss tournament is one game at a time by its nature, cause there have to be all matches from one round ended before you can make pairings for consequent one.
Which is also the biggest drawback for WL conditions it seems.
The Warlight Swiss Tournament: 6/18/2016 13:28:12

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
Added the template in, I forgot to do so last night. And it will be only one game at a time.

Edited 6/18/2016 13:28:49
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