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war of worlds 2320: 6/17/2016 15:56:15

Level 20
I have read the other threads on 2320 level. I have to say I don't get it. They say treat boss like he is a friend. I stay away from him, and he pursues me. I split off to try to get him to follow me and he follows me alright. I come around behind him to mop up after him. I take one of my territories back, and he spawns 40 armies and destroys me. What the heck! I don't see how others have beat him. The game starts me in the same place every time. I have headed north,south east, and west all with no luck. The new levels seemed to get progressively harder, and I like that. However,the level before this was very easy, then to outrageously hard. How is it fair that the boss starts with 400 armies. I hate that. Sorry i called this level war of worlds 2320, and I meant world war 2320

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war of worlds 2320: 6/17/2016 16:26:14

M. Poireau
Level 55
Why start a new thread?

We've discussed it here, I doubt anyone has anything else to say. Especially see my last post. For starters, if the Boss is capable of deploying 40 armies, you're doing something wrong.

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