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world war 2320: 6/7/2016 03:58:42

Level 37
How do you beat it?
There has been some stupid troll thread about this topic, where the op just writes stuff like the boss is your friend blabla ....
(basicly he says, as long as the boss is attacking other ai its helping you, but in my games the boss chases me nonstop even though i try to stay out of boss way like the plague and completly ignores the other 2 ais:-/ )
And i have seen a youtube video where someone beats it. But in his video the boss heads straight to asia. While in my games he ALWAYS go directly for me, sometimes if I'm "lucky" he waits 1-2 turn before going directly into my direction even if havent met any of his terretories.
I tried dis map like 12 times alread :-/
It also seems kind a flawded that i could beat all maps before first try, while on this map i'm nowhere near a victory.
world war 2320: 6/7/2016 04:17:25

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
That was not even remotely close to being a troll thread. He was 100% correct with your advice. He is your friend so long as you can get him to Europe or Asia.

With the new setup it is far easier since the extra AI weakens the Asian one. Expand constantly and aggressively towards the boss. Once you meet him, pull your stacks away and deploy 1 to every adjacent border. Attack with those last to reclaim. Do what you can to compete US for the extra bonus.
world war 2320: 6/14/2016 07:04:13

Level 54
I think this is the first actually challenging map. How I beat it with him staying in North America is I start out trying to conquer most of North America to get alot of troops per turn. While this is happening I started migrating out of North America via the Caribean. Once Other A.I.'s start making it into North America, I stopped trying to contest it and pushed full force into Europe and Asia. Then while the other A.I.s are busy being distracted by the boss you can take over Asia and then defeat the boss. The big thing is you can't rush into Europe right away, and you cant try to keep North America when other the other A.I.'s come in to contest it.
world war 2320: 6/14/2016 17:53:32

M. Poireau
Level 55
I was a little tongue-in-cheek when I said that "the Boss is your friend" over here:


However, it's still very serious advice (and there is more detail later in the thread).

I even posted screenshots of my attempt when the boss did NOT leave North America (it's still possible to win, as you can see from the screenshots).
world war 2320: 6/14/2016 17:54:07

M. Poireau
Level 55
And thanks for sticking up for me, Richard!
world war 2320: 6/16/2016 02:03:24

Alex Nguyen
Level 7
How I first beat this level is that I get as many lands as I can and steal all the lands from the boss AI's lands until the only land the boss AI's has left is the boss's land. After that, I just simply follow the boss AI around (so when it spawns its army, it only spawns where the boss is. Then I can just spawn my army to destroy boss AI's army and continue following) and at the same time fight other regular AIs.

From my battle, the boss AI kept on roaming around North America and it was a bit annoying to following it around, taking its land.
world war 2320: 6/16/2016 17:20:57

Herp Derpleson
Level 57
The only time you're really in trouble is when the boss spends significant time in North America to start but *then* decides to head out. I just beat the level when he stayed in NA the whole time, but that was in part because he never showed any inclination to leave NA. I just got the USA bonus, used the income to take over Europe and Asia, and then turned back to deal with the boss.

tl;dr Random AI decisions are still a big factor here.
world war 2320: 6/16/2016 21:51:26

J Scott Martin
Level 6
I finally beat the level, but the boss didn't behave as some have indicated. Every time the boss took the same route - toward the NE and barely left the US with a short hop into Canada and a couple of hits back into Mexico.

In moving out to the edges, I "drug" the non-boss armies when it dumped a lot in one territory out which helped thin out those troops on the other AIs. And as I was expanding into Asia, I left the Boss AI territories on the edges of my expansion so the other AI had to deal with them too.

But the main note I wanted to make. The Boss ~did~ go into its own territory when it had an attack option. I was able to get it wedged in the north east of NA and instead of going into greenland it stepped into its own territory to come after me. Did it two runs in a row when an AI held greenland... and a third when I still owned greenland. But I had given up trying to lead it out so that last run still worked.
world war 2320: 6/16/2016 22:02:30

M. Poireau
Level 55
I understand that the programming for the Boss has changed since these threads started.

So, some of this information may be outdated! The nature of playtesting, I suppose.
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