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Sign out button: 6/4/2016 23:32:09

Art Vandelay 
Level 52
Can you please put a signout for the site (not app) somewhere in the menus? On the phone sometimes the floating player card will not let you click the arrow. I dont care where it is, maybe in settings
Sign out button: 6/4/2016 23:51:44

Level 61
Just bookmark this page, it'll allow you to logout / in

Sign out button: 6/5/2016 00:45:20

Level 58
or hit the arrow to the right of your name
Sign out button: 6/5/2016 01:06:48

Level 60
Well, the website isn't really made to be opened by phone...
Sign out button: 6/6/2016 13:53:02

Level 61
skull, as I said sometimes you cannot hit the arrow (I tried a dozen times). Yes, the site is not made to be on the phone, but if he isn't going to make functions on the app anytime soon, he could at least have it in the menus somewhere. it would be a VERY easy and fast fix.

Bookmark is a fair solution, but have to do on multiple devices too.
Sign out button: 6/6/2016 13:55:06

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Why do you really need to sign out though? You only use one account after all, right?
Sign out button: 6/6/2016 14:52:05

Beren • apex 
Level 63
Use an incognito window when you are using your alt.
Sign out button: 6/6/2016 15:08:01

Level 59
What's wrong with the sign-out button in the drop-down menu top right?

Edit: I'm a dumb-ass that didn't read the OP properly. I would just jump to the /login page, as Rikku suggests.

Edited 6/6/2016 15:09:41
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