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Looking for a clan: 6/4/2016 22:24:14

Austin Williams
Level 16
My stats are shit, yeah. Not a fan of 1v1 due to my lack of skill, I'd like to get into RP as I've done RP before, but not in Warlight. I'm open to joining a clan either RP, to increase my skills and train with others, or just to have fun. I'm not a fan of negativity or hateful talk or anything like that, that being one of the only things that would kill my interest in a clan.

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Looking for a clan: 6/5/2016 02:06:19

Level 58
^ https://www.warlight.net/Clans/?ID=3

EDIT: Just go look at the list of clans (https://www.warlight.net/Clans/List) and if you see any you think you'd like to join, take a look at their Bio. It'll say there who to message to get in :)

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Looking for a clan: 6/5/2016 02:14:24

Level 60
A very summed up list of the RP clans that I (or an alt of mine) participate/used to participate, so you can have a clue.

Check their pages, see what you like, then mail their recruiter to see if they'll accept you in.

CORP: https://www.warlight.net/Clans/?ID=60
Despite the name, Strat/RP mix (you pick one, and expect to get tons of game invites of that kind). Forums, however, are turned to Strat, but there is a whole chat for people in the RP side.
Entering is quite complicated (moreso than most others down this list). You'll have to message any of the players labeled as "Gunjikomon" (OxTheAutist, Death, Prabster Realm, Kazuki, Tjoex or Thanatos D. Ven) and wait for them to vote if you'd be allowed in.

Wolves: https://www.warlight.net/Clans/?ID=70
Active forum base, games are quite common, only flaw is that aside from a select few that are GREAT, it has one of the worst communities overall.
They take pretty much everything despite the requisites in their profile as long as you are active. Message knyte,

AOE: https://www.warlight.net/Clans/?ID=197
Frequent tournaments and decent forum activity; roleplay sector is kind of rotting, though.
Same as the Wolves. Message j willy 47.

Juggernauts: https://www.warlight.net/Clans/?ID=94
One of the easiest communities to integrate in, decent forum activity (and unique one at that). They are good at what they do, but games are quite uncommon, sadly.
Also easy to get in, though a couple standards are placed. Ω Cat Juggernaut can be messaged, but I recommend The Russian Juggernaut (Chainsaw's Guardian Angel) because, first, Cat is on vacation, and second, Russian is more light with letting people in (my level 4 alt got in and nobody suspected a thing for several days xD)

EIC: https://www.warlight.net/Clans/?ID=229
Another mix clan. Been a while since my alt left, but their forums do have some banter and I'm aware they have games every now and then.
I don't recall how MR works in EIC, but I believe any director will be able to invite you. I'd reccomend Zenvue, for I know for a FACT he has MR.


Honorable mention: Westeros United: https://www.warlight.net/Clans/?ID=165
Never participated myself, but admittedly it's the one place I want to put an alt in. Lots of their players are quite good at RP, and, aside from their RPCL score, they are pretty good. Fun, overall.
Similarly to EIC, I don't know how MR is distributed there; {W.U} HomeLess for sure does have Manager Rights, so he's your guy.

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Looking for a clan: 6/5/2016 03:04:53

Level 55
ussr is the only good clan tbh
Looking for a clan: 6/5/2016 06:27:33

Ω Cat Juggernaut 
Level 59
I'm not back from vacation, but I am active. I do not follow the forums much, but I have several clan members that alert me when someone catches their attention.

In the words of one of my lieutenants: "This caught my eye, he might be low leveled, low game count and weak stats. BUT his post is mature and shows willingness to learn/adapt to diplo enviroment."

I'd like to extend an invitation to join the Juggernaut Clan, a friendly community of players that are decently active in diplomacy games and CL/RPCL. We have one or two players that regularly create RP games and another two that occasionally come out with incredibly detailed and radically new setups and scenarios.

An invite has been sent, should you choose to accept.
Looking for a clan: 6/5/2016 14:37:32

Master HFG
Level 55
USSR is one of the most active RP clans oustide. It is just not so well-known as others clans. Yet we active members, a stable gouvernment, a nice community athmosphere and an active clan forum where also many off-topics are discussed. We play all gamemodes and even have an internal 1v1 league that could allow you to improve your skills in this matter which you then can test in the WL inter-clan leagues. We also are the home of many good scneario-creators which will give you privileged acess to their new games and if you volunteer, even to tests. Through us you also can establish yourself, if you stand out with a good roleplaying, into a larger independent cummunity of roleplayers and mapmakers.

We are always welcoming new active members. I will contact our leader Kyger to arrange your invitation. We hope you give us a chance and accept it.

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Looking for a clan: 6/6/2016 15:16:37

Level 19
join da W A C O S
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