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All about suspension!: 6/4/2016 15:15:52

Level 58
"This player is currently suspended for violating WarLight's rules"
Question is how long does suspension last?
"However, suspensions and banning are revealed on a player's profile for the duration of the suspension" https://www.warlight.net/wiki/Rules

- Would not it be good if Warlight would reveal the duration of suspension?
Being in a game or in a team with someone who has been suspended, it makes certain situations complicated, when it requires communication between players. It would be good to know how long a player is suspended, to determine my actions?

I have no idea or previous experience with suspensions and I doubt I will get fix on the issue any time soon. Does anyone have any idea how long average suspension lasts - I assume it depends on a circumstances, but any past experience cases to reveal?

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All about suspension!: 6/4/2016 15:20:58

Level 58
I heard you are able to check on the mobile app how long somebody is suspended for? I'm not sure... I'll check.
All about suspension!: 6/4/2016 15:21:33

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
I think it usually does say the length/ expiration date. The fact that it doesn't implies an indefinite suspension to me
All about suspension!: 6/4/2016 15:24:28

Leif Eriksson
Level 13
Depending on how many times the person has been suspended, reflects the amount of time the person will receive. It also depends on the severity of the case. Cheating will award more time than bad behaviour depending on the case.
But the usual suspension is around 2 days.

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All about suspension!: 6/4/2016 15:31:13

Level 58
Yes you can check on the mobile app.

For example I found out فيصل - 1416 (aka name is anonym) is suspended until the 10th of June.

It's a small ordeal, but you have to add the suspended person as a friend, create a game with them, go to your mobile device, go to the game you made with them, tap "view players", tap their profile, and under "Last seen" it will say "Suspended for breaking the rules. Suspended until [date]"

I found no quicker way to do this, but it is possible.
All about suspension!: 6/4/2016 15:49:30

Lolicon love
Level 56
Nah as my 4th ish suspension it was only 1 day. It's inconsistent.
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