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Interface improvement suggestion.: 6/20/2011 07:28:14

NuckLuck (Retired) 
Level 30
I don't know if you've considered this yet Fizzer, but I for one would love to see a sorting option made which allows you to view the games that you are no longer a part of, whether through boot or simply the game ending. I find it annoying when my game count drops and I have no idea which ones are missing.
Interface improvement suggestion.: 6/20/2011 09:16:28

Level 58

Warzone Creator
To clarify, you're asking for a My Games filter of something like "Games that are not active or I'm eliminated", in other words the opposite of the "Active games where I am not eliminated" filter?

The reason I ask for clarification is because the "All Games" filter already meets your criteria. It allows you to view the games you're no longer a part of, just like you said. I'm not trying to pick hairs, I just want to make sure I understand.

I also should point out that the e-mail notification system already solves this - you're sent an e-mail every time you're eliminated, surrender, or when the game ends.

I realize some people don't like e-mail notifications, and WarLight has a few weak spots for those people. For example, the fog-game-ended email that's sent whenever a fog game you were in ends. It may end long after you're eliminated and it's fallen off your list, but it's sent to give you an opportunity to go back and look at the game without fog.

I assume from your question that you've turned off these e-mails, otherwise you wouldn't be requesting it.

I think an even better solution to your scenario is not to add a new My Games filter, but to allow notifications to be sent in other forms than e-mails since some people don't like getting e-mails. For example, if notifications were listed right above the My Games page, it would avoid you having to watch your game count like a hawk and allow you to dismiss the notifications at your own pace.
Interface improvement suggestion.: 6/21/2011 20:47:16

Math Wolf 
Level 63
I'd like the
"active games where I am not eliminated or have unread chat messages"
option actually, now I always put it on active not elimated and I check if there are messages in others.

For the tournaments, some other options would be nice though, such as:
"active tournaments in which I'm not eliminated" option, or even: "active tournaments that I did not decline".

Also, a remark, for tournaments, I'd prefer there would be a "save as default" option too, but I guess the default refers to multiplayer in general and not just "my games"?
Interface improvement suggestion.: 6/21/2011 21:22:25

[WM] Nord 
Level 55
Different topic, but also interface improvement idea:
When you zoom in on a map, the order arrows' width would not scale (they remain thin), so a situation with a lot of orders in a small place would be much clearer.
How hard would that be to implement?
I think, it does not worth too much work, but would be good if it is easy to do.
Interface improvement suggestion.: 6/21/2011 21:58:50

Level 16
Should the eliminated filter out games where you personally are dead, but your team is still alive? That's one of the things that gets me with using the 'eliminated' in any of the filter options. I don't want to see games I'm completely out of, but I still want to see team games where I'm personally eliminated, but I still have a participation role as a teammate to those still alive.
Interface improvement suggestion.: 6/21/2011 22:10:06

The Impaller 
Level 9
Obligatory plug for the "New Game Page Filter Options" uservoice suggestion.


I feel that the current options are very restrictive in the kind of games that they allow you to see, and I'd like to see a variety of options that you can customize, rather than a preset 6 choices--the current system. Other things that I didn't include in the original uservoice item, but would also be nice would be the ability to pin games to the top of your list or better options on how to organize games in your list. At any rate, I feel like a better sorting and filtering system for games is long overdue, and it saddens me that there is no traction on this uservoice item.
Interface improvement suggestion.: 6/21/2011 22:41:31

Level 54
I told you, Fizzer, I guess it would be just clean and efficient to have a message like "Game ended", "you won", "you lost" in the list of actives games & unread messages when a game ends (for the player concerned). It could appear the same way an unread message is mentioned in that list. I'd really like it too.

Interface improvement suggestion.: 6/22/2011 04:53:11

Level 44
I think if the game provided an instant game over message for the sake of unread messages it would be helpful.. especially in games where surrenders don't have to be accepted.
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