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Civ 6: 5/18/2016 20:29:41

Tchaikovsky Reborn
Level 38
how will they improve it? Civ 5 was very good.
Civ 6: 5/18/2016 20:32:55

Level 6
by addin da WACO faction
Civ 6: 5/18/2016 20:36:12

Level 59
By going back to Civ 4.
Civ 6: 5/18/2016 20:38:36

Level 56
I never played Civ 5, only 4. Was it better or worse? Also, while we're on the topic, has anyone here watch those "Hitler plays Civ" videos?
Civ 6: 5/18/2016 20:41:30

Level 58
Oh, cool, I haven't followed the news and didn't knew that already a new Civ 6 was planned for this year.

First of all the AI should get improved. I haven't played Civ 5 for quite some time however when the AI goes for the Patronage Social Policy with City States being disabled then they are obviously not taking the AI very seriously (they might have worked on this, don't know).

As for the settings I hope they keep the classic historic Civ style, Beyond Earth wasn't any fun for me.

For the past civs they made a design decision that the leaders shouldn't act to much like humans but more like the historic player. For example when you are close to victory the AI just let you win and didn't try to Nuke you. I'd like more competitive AI players which still kinda act and speak like their historic counterpart but still play the game competitive.

Edited 5/18/2016 20:42:45
Civ 6: 5/18/2016 20:47:53

Level 60
All I know is, India really loved nuclear weapons. http://kotaku.com/why-gandhi-is-such-an-asshole-in-civilization-1653818245
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