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The Last Star: 5/18/2016 10:01:01

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
In a world barren of any life, its surface covered with rust and machinery, its ruins being slowly torn apart by the great dust storms that ravage the planet. Underneath this inhospitable environment, an oasis of human life exists.

It is called City 4, the last of the human cities underneath Mars. A Millennium after the apocalyptic event known as the Great Fall, the last bastions of humanity in the red planet flocked to underground cities built prior before. There they survived for a millennium, fighting against mutant creatures, and techno-barbarians that occasionally raid once a year or two.

You are Lucas Dyker, a Judge Inquisitor leading an expedition of over a hundred men and women to City 3 who has suddenly lost contact with City 4 over a day ago. As you watch your soldiers loaded supplies into the Jump Train, you are approached by an Adept Inquisitor named Hannah Ivery, a lower-ranking member of the Secret Police same as Lucas.

"Judge Inquisitor, the supplies have been brought aboard the transport" said Hannah

"Good. Prepare to depart" ordered Lucas

And so the expedition began. It took well over an hour for the Jump Train to arrive in the outskirts of City 3. The journey was lucky since most expeditions outside City 4 are often attacked by Mutant Creatures that could kill a human being in a heartbeat.

As soon as the Jump Train stopped, Lucas ordered 3 soldiers to scout ahead. He couldn't be certain what he could find ahead. For 10 minutes, he waited until he received a distress call by one of the soldiers. "REQUEST BACKUP! UNDER ATTACK BY" before it went static. Lucas ordered one of his men to contact City 4 and request reinforcements. However something was blocking their communications.

He set about ordering his communications experts to unblock the jamming frequency. He ordered many of his men to begin fortifications for a possible engagement.

Until midnight, the expedition stayed on guard. The communications experts still could not unblock the jamming frequency and Lucas was getting restless.

Suddenly one of his men report contact with an unknown enemy. They lost contact in just a second after contact. Lucas ordered his men to investigate the enemy but they too lost contact.

Soon the Jump Train was breached. Many of the train cars have been compromised and over a quarter of his men killed by these creatures. They looked like hound-like beings of living shadow with spikes growing out of their backs and sharp claws that could tear through metal. They had glowing red eyes and a terrifying aura that could make the most fearless of men run away in fear.

As he ran through the Train Cars, hoping to lose those creatures, Lucas stumbled upon and his gun slid to the end of the car. On the other side, the creatures were encroaching him and were about to sprint.

To his left, he saw a pistol and to his right, he saw a hardlight shield.

A. Pick up the Pistol and Shoot
B. Pick up the Shield and Block
C. Get up and try to run away
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Lolicon love
Level 56
A. Pick up the Pistol and Shoot
The Last Star: 5/18/2016 10:28:40

Level 46

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The Mad Japanese
Level 51
Lucas picks up the pistol and shoots the creature. It manages to hit its left eye and stops dead in its tracks. He quickly picked up the hardlight shield and bashed the other two creatures, temporarily stunning them. He immediately sprints into the next train car and activates the lockdown protocols.

For 20 hours, he was stuck in the Train Car. He heard the dying screams of his comrades as they were slaughtered by these creatures. With his last remaining paste rations, he consumed them. He deactivated the lockdown protocols and readied his pistol and shield.

He opened the door and found total darkness and silence. His nightvision lenses helping him see his surroundings. He cautiously made his way to the back where he gathered supplies, weapons, and ammunition. He headed to the back end and opened the door. He saw a Banetruck and tried to find its keys.

Lucas heard the roars of those terrifying creatures and hurried to find his keys. He entered the vehicle and struggled to fit the key into the ignition in panic. As you finally do so, the creature jumped onto your window. Your face was mere meters away from being bitten off by the creature itself.

A. Shoot the creature with your gun
B. Bash the creature with your shield
C. Drive forward with the vehicle
The Last Star: 5/18/2016 12:06:10

Lolicon love
Level 56
B followed by A then finish it off with C
The Last Star: 5/18/2016 12:45:20

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
He bashed the creature with his hardlight shield and shot it with two rounds before driving away. At the back of the vehicle, three of the creatures have managed to latch on and are destroying many parts of the vehicle. Lucas shot at them and the creatures dodged every shot.

He slammed the vehicle into the tunnel wall and managed to kill one of the creatures. The other two slowly made its way up front where Lucas shot at them. The creatures seemingly were unaffected by the shots. This made Lucas panic as how they managed to adapt this quickly.

One of the creatures lunched at him from the back but he managed to block it with his hardlight shield. The other slashed Lucas and he barely dodged it, severing the upper half of the driver's seat.

The vehicle soon crashed into the tunnel wall. Lucas managed to regain consciousness. The creatures were still unconscious but were about to awaken. He managed to crawl out of the vehicle with a broken leg, numerous broken ribs, and a concussion but nothing to severe. As Lucas crawled from the vehicle, it explored in a fiery flame, spraying debris and injuring Lucas. It burned his back and yelled a scream of pain.

Several hours later, Lucas woke up in the tunnel, with the fire still burning. He slowly got up, wondering how he healed so quickly. He walked to the other side of the tunnel with all his strength before finally collapsing in the darkness.
The Last Star: 5/18/2016 12:56:05

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
Lucas awoke a few hours later in a bed. He looked around in his room and saw brick walls and a kerosene lamp providing light.

He tried to move but felt pain. He looked at his body and saw that his leg and body were bandaged.

The door opened and a cloaked figure wearing a black empty mask. It sat in a chair besides Lucas and pulled out both its hands. A blue fire emerged from its hands, seemingly like magic. It spread the fire around Lucas' body and he felt pain and at the same time, relief.

Soon the ritual ended and Lucas moved his body. It was like it was never injured. The figure said in a cold emotionless but feminine voice "It seems the ritual has worked City Dweller"

'Great, a barbarian shaman' thought Lucas. "I know what you must think of me City Dweller, the actions of most of my kind are not as...civilized but I assure you, you are in safe hands" said the Shaman

"Who are you?" asked Lucas

"I am Thadalla-alz-Midama, the Wandering Shaman of the Great Desert Ocean"

"And I know what you seek City Dweller: Revenge. The Dark Creatures must be purged as they threaten humanity as we know it" said the Shaman

Lucas was unnerved by the Shaman but for now had to agree with her. He saw no lying in her words.

"And I have a proposition for you City Dweller: Join me in my journey to rid the Dark Creatures of this earth? Or return to your city. The fate of mankind rests on your hands" said the Shaman

A. Join the Shaman
B. Return to the City
The Last Star: 5/18/2016 14:44:26

Lolicon love
Level 56
A. As long there is weed.
The Last Star: 5/18/2016 17:01:15

Okabe Rintarou ( AKA Hououin Kyouma)
Level 56
Check inventory , please state the pop. of all known cities (human ones) in mars
The Last Star: 5/18/2016 21:38:34

adrian waco
Level 31
there is 10 ppl

are u gonna kill all of them or eat them alive
The Last Star: 5/19/2016 01:57:56

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
"I shall join you Shaman if you have weed?" said Lucas

"Of course but the weed shall come after training" said the Shaman

"Wait Training? What the hell do I even have to train for?" asked Lucas

"You shall train in the ways of the Spirit Knight as did I before I became a Shaman" said the Shaman

"What is a Spirit Knight?" asked Lucas

"A Spirit Knight is a warrior that is able to use the Psionics and the Neural Physics that empowers the universe itself. Mankind before had used Neural Physics and it was one of the pillars of their civilization. A Spirit Knight holds great power that can topple civilizations and protect entire races from great threats such as the Shadow Creatures" explained the Shaman

"So if I become this.. Spirit Knight then I can defeat these Shadow Creatures" said Lucas

"Yes but we must head for Olympus Mons if you are to become a Spirit Knight" said the Shaman

'What have I gotten myself into' thought Lucas

Lucas put on his Inquisitor Uniform and picked up his weapons and supplies. He and Thadalla followed an Ancient Tunnel built in the earliest days of mankind's colonization into the Red Planet. The Tunnel was dark and damp, it looked like it could collapse any day now. Thadalla assured me that the Tunnel was reinforced with some ancient materials capable of lasting the ages.

For 10 days and 10 nights, we followed the Tunnel. We soon arrived in a Ravine and set up camp near the Tunnel. There were many paths one could take to get to Olympus Mons through the Ravine.

We contemplated which path to take.

To the east is a series of cave networks that lead to Olympus Mons. They are large and easy to get lost in without a guide familiar with it. It is the longest but the safest.

To the west is a bridge, controlled by a powerful and aggressive techno-barbarian tribe. We risk being killed by Techno-Barbarians. It is the shortest path to take but the most dangerous.

A. To the east and navigate the caves
B. To the west and fight the techno-barbarians

1x Inquisitor Uniform
1x Projectile Pistol
1x Hardlight Shield
1x Bread
3x Cans of Fruit
2x Bottles of Water
5x Energy Bars

((Population of the Human Cities))
City 4: 17,000,000
City 5: 13,000,000
City 7: 11,000,000
City 11: 12,000,000
City 12: 16,000,000

These are all the known inhabited cities to City 4

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The Last Star: 5/19/2016 07:22:41

Lolicon love
Level 56
To become the best we must face the worst
The Last Star: 5/19/2016 12:12:03

Okabe Rintarou ( AKA Hououin Kyouma)
Level 56
Millions of people and can afford to send out only a handful...
The Last Star: 5/19/2016 13:23:27

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
((You'll know when the story progresses))

Lucas and Thadalla decided to head west to take the shortest route. He readied his pistol and hardlight shield while Thadalla pulled out her technostaff of some sorts.

The two cautiously made their way to the Bridge. In a rocky pass overlooking the bridge, a group of men watched them and one of them roared a battlecry as they charged towards them.

Lucas and Thadalla saw the charging group of barbarians and he aimed and shot one of them in the shoulder which only further angered it.

The two ran and were met by another group of barbarians. Surrounded on all sides, they made their stand. Lucas aimed and tried to headshot many of the barbarians with some success. One of them became close enough for melee range and slashed Lucas with an adamantium sword. He blocked the sword and bashed him back.

Thadalla chanted a verse of undecipherable words and soon her staff glowed with powerful energy. She and Lucas ducked and the staff released a burst of energy, enough to stumble and daze the barbarians. They made a run for it and as they became near and nearer to the bridge, a larger group of barbarians led by a heavily armored and menacing man appeared.

'It must be their Battle Chieftain' thought Lucas.

The barbarians charged at them while the two were about to make their stand. Lucas hid behind his shield as he shot off most of the barbarians approaching him while Thadalla was shooting lightning against the incoming horde of barbarians.

As the barbarians finally met in melee range against the two, a loud deafening boom was heard and it caused a landslide, enough to bury some of the barbarian forces.

The two charged their way across the bridge, killing through the temporarily distracted horde of barbarians.

Having cast aside their confusion, the barbarians once again charged towards the two.

In a pass overlooking much of the ravine, a menacingly cloaked figure with a glowing skull watched the battle. It jump from the pass and soften its descent through the rocks. It made a rock-breaking boom as it landed at the other side of the bridge. It charged towards the barbarians with its glowing sword, decapitating and slaughtering them at every turn.

Lucas and Thadalla could only watch the sight that beholds them. "It's a Spirit Knight!" said Thadalla

The Spirit Knight killed the barbarian horde with no ease, enjoying and pleasuring the slaughter. After cutting off the head of the Battle Chieftain, the Spirit Knight turned its gaze upon the two. It approached Thadalla and said in a soft, feminine, and mature voice "The Wandering Shaman of the Great Desert Ocean, the Great 557th Heroine of the Spirit Order, the Keeper of the Jovian Circuit"

"I am Natalya Saal-Terys, it is a honor to be in the grace of the Heroine herself"

"Stand Spirit Knight, I am no Heroine as I abandoned the title long ago" said Thadalla

"As you wish" said Natalya

"And who might this be?" asked Natalya

"I am Judge Inquisitor Lucas Dyker, a City Dweller from City 4" said Lucas

"City 4, I was born there" said Natalya

"You were?" said Lucas

"I was. I grew up in one of the Forge Complexes, I lived and worked there with my family as it did for a millennium" said Natalya

'so she once lived in City 4' thought Lucas

"Spirit Knight, we are headed for Olympus Mons. Lucas has abandoned the ways of the Inquisitor and instead, has changed to the path of the Spirit Knight" said Thadalla

"What made you do so? You are now technically a traitor to City 4 now" said Natalya

"Revenge, for the men and women that were killed by those.. creatures" said Lucas

"So you seek the radical path of Revenge, as I did" said Natalya

"Yes" said Lucas

"Well then, let us head for Olympus Mons. Shall we?" said Natalya

The three headed for Olympus Mons, for Lucas to begin the Path of the Spirit Knight.
The Last Star: 5/19/2016 13:41:29

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
For 3 days, Lucas, Thadalla, and Natalya walked through a tunnel that led them to the surface. From there, they headed for the mountain itself via Land Rover. The journey took over a day before the three finally arrived in the outskirts of the mountain. There they were greeted by a guard.

"Halt. Who goes there?" said the Guard

"I am Spirit Knight Natalya Saal-Terys, with me are Thadalla-alz-Midama herself and a man named Lucas Dyker" said Natalya

Several Patrol Hoverbikes escorted the Land Rover into the mountain. They passed through a tunnel that led them to an elevator system, big enough to fit a Sky Carrier inside with enough room for a dozen more Land Rovers.

The Elevator finally descended into the lower level and with it, Lucas saw a sprawling complex with many Spirit Knights.

The three were greeted with many stares and giggles, not at Lucas but at Thadalla.

'She was a great Spirit Knight, it is to be expected' thought Lucas

They descended into a series of wide stairs that led to a wide and large hallway. The three soon arrived in a Court of imposing stature. In front of Lucas, three cloaked men stood before him, judging him.

"Judge Inquisitor Lucas Dyker, Dweller of City 4 and a Traitor to the Everseeing Eye, you have both the Physical and the Mental Attitude and Capacity to become a Spirit Knight. Although you lack the Spiritual Attitude, that may be resolved later on" said one of the judges.

"You seek Revenge against the creatures that took the lives of your men and women, to avenge their deaths and clear your guilt"

"You have chosen the Path of Revenge, one of the most dangerous paths of them all, choose it and be rewarded with the strength to Avenge those that you lost if you survive the trials"

"Now will you Lucas Dyker become a Spirit Knight?" asked the man

"Yes" said Lucas

"Good. You may begin the first of your trials now"

Two shadowy cloaked figures escorted Lucas to a barracks filled with many kinds of weapons that he could choose from

"Choose your weapon and use it to succeed in your trials" said the shadowy figure

Choose a Weapon:

A. Photon Slicer and Hardlight Shield
B. Phantom Blade
C. Gauss Rifle
D. Power Staff
E. Gravity Hammer
F. Chain Axe
The Last Star: 5/19/2016 13:51:53

Okabe Rintarou ( AKA Hououin Kyouma)
Level 56
The Last Star: 5/21/2016 19:30:30

Okabe Rintarou ( AKA Hououin Kyouma)
Level 56
the end?
The Last Star: 5/22/2016 07:40:21

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
Discontinuing it due to writers block
The Last Star: 5/22/2016 08:45:54

Level 53
Dear god this is cheesy. Love it though.
The Last Star: 5/22/2016 14:38:34

Okabe Rintarou ( AKA Hououin Kyouma)
Level 56
This is da end
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