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Swisster's priority transfer trick: 5/14/2016 16:43:22

Level 59
Take a look at Turn 15 in this interesting Season V game:


Could someone please explain to me why Swisster plays an order priority card to transfer (10 + the newly deployed 23 armies) from Arcacia to Glovania? (that's a transfer-only order)

Why doesn't he deploy +23 to Glovania, and transfer the 10 from Arcacia with priority (which could also be a transfer-only order)?

I can't figure out the strategy here.
Swisster's priority transfer trick: 5/14/2016 16:50:01

Level 59
Hmmm... writing it this way helped me actually :)

So if he'd deployed +23 to Glovania and tried to transfer the 10 from Arcacia with order-priority, then he could've lost Glovania.

Okay, makes sense... but still: he knew that he held the natural order priority. So he could've thought as follows: "Even if Arkanton plays an O.Pri card, with my O.Pri, I'll be the first to make the move. So I can actually deploy all to Glovania, and transfer the 10 from the west. I'll succeed for sure."


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Swisster's priority transfer trick: 5/14/2016 16:53:37

Level 68
I don't think he cared how he did it, since it didn't matter. Unless swiss didn't know the cycle order yet (I doubt it) or if ark had two OP cards (I don't know either since I didn't check any other turns).

But yeah what he did is the best way to do those types of situations, since otherwise ark could gobble up the defenders if he had first order, and then swiss would crash a stack into ark's armies there. Rather than a huge stack attacking and reclaiming him territory, or ark just running into his stack which would have first order.

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Swisster's priority transfer trick: 5/14/2016 16:55:23

Level 60
Well, there was a small chance that Arkanton still might take Glovania before he was able to make the transfer (by playing two OP cards, or something). If he placed in Glovania, and Arkanton stacked in Manji and took it, then Swifter would be left with close to nothing in Arcacia against Arkanton's huge stack.

But since he put as many armies together as he could, placing in Arcacia allowed him to still have a pretty big stack even if Arkanton got first order and took Glovania. The way he did it, either he got to defend Glovania as normal, or would have a stack in Arcacia, but either way he doesn't lose many more armies than Arkanton does.

Yes, it's unlikely that Arkanton would have been able to build a large enough stack to take out 30 armies, but Swisster would have lost significantly more armies than Arkanton would, so it's still smart I think. Anyway, this is how I think Swissair's logic went.
Swisster's priority transfer trick: 5/14/2016 16:58:03

The anti anonym
Level 4
I'm sure my counterpart will be here to comment about how strategic it was eventually.
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