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which was the best diplo game ever?: 4/23/2016 15:24:04

Level 35
which warlight game was the most interesting in terms of great rp,chat box always being filled by interesting talks, and overall i being a good game?
which was the best diplo game ever?: 4/23/2016 21:43:28

M. Poireau
Level 55
I don't really know about best (I've only played a couple), but this one was outstanding on a lot of levels, and a few people said it was the best game they'd ever played:


A quote:

Lord Stark: "i will give you one more chance to surrender or face total annihilation"
Samwell Tarly: "Allow me to come to the Wall and take the Black. I beg you!"
Stark: "On one condition. You, Samwell Tarly will swear by the old gods and the new, never to stand on top of the wall. Legends say it's unbreakable but with your weight i do not think it wise to risk it."

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which was the best diplo game ever?: 4/23/2016 21:47:26

Level 21
Here's the diplomacy game I been in and it's the best diplomacy game in Warlight in terms of longer games in turns
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