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I created a variant to the checkers boardgame: 4/22/2016 20:52:57

҈ TeeMee123 ҈
Level 52
For some A level (uk education system) computing project, I chose to produce something which turned out more ambitious than I had expected it to be.
Seeing as the examiners never actually install and run the project and just grade the write up, I thought I would share it with the Warlight community (what with it being a strategy game and all).
Instructions on how to play are in the game.
It was coded with visual basic.
It is meant to be hotseat multiplayer as I'm terrible with back-end and web development or whatever you would need to make it online, however you can copy and paste the move information it produces to give to someone you know through messaging and do their moves for them.
If you see any giant strategic flaws (which I guess there are seeing as I came up with the new rules to the game quite impuslively due to time constraints) you can comment them, but don't expect much action on it until summer holidays arrive.

Here is the download link: http://gamejolt.com/games/draughtagons/142834


This game is designed for two players using the same computer. Before you start, decide between you who will have white and who will have black pieces. The player assigned to white pieces moves first.

The aim of the game is to remove ('capture') all your opponent's pieces.

To start a new game, click 'New Game'.
To move a piece, it must be your turn, which is indicated in the bottom right box. You click one of your pieces to select it and then click one of the available destination tiles for that piece to move it, these are indicated by yellow circles.
To fully restart your move (including consecutive captures), click 'restart move'.
To confirm a move press 'confirm'.
To surrender a game, press 'surrender'. This will give your opponent 1 point.
To call a draw, press 'call draw'.

The game is turn based, so you each take turns to move one of your pieces.
Each turn, a piece can move one tile towards the other side of the board (so on one of the three in front of it) or move any direction to capture. It can't jump onto a piece, but can jump over an enemy piece to remove it.

You win when all your opponents pieces have been removed. A point is then given to you.

Consecutive Captures:
Once a piece has been captured, if the piece that performed the capture would be able to do a capture next turn, it will be able to do it in the current turn as an extra move instead. Pressing 'confirm' will reject this consecutive capture.

The gameboard is layed out so that each tile has a letter and a number. For the purpouses of the textbox showing your current move, a coordinate of a tile is said to be the letter then the number. Numbers can be thought of as columns and letters like rows.

King Pieces:
When a piece reaches the K or 11 'row' if black or the A or 1 'row' if white, it will become a king piece, which can move forwards or backwards, regardless of whether it is to capture or not.
When a king piece reaches the A or 1 'row' if black or the K or 11 'row if white, it will become an upgraded king, which can capture two enemy pieces in the same turn that are adjacent to eachother and if the upgraded king is in line with them and adjacent to one of them.

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I created a variant to the checkers boardgame: 4/22/2016 21:52:43

Level 59
I download and now I has virus, sad face.

Also is this draughts on a hexagon board? Cos that would be swish! ^_^
I created a variant to the checkers boardgame: 4/22/2016 22:00:54

M. Poireau
Level 55
Yeah, you'd better make a browser, non-download version, or just post the rules.

I'd rather not the risk otherwise, not even knowing whether I'll like the game.
I created a variant to the checkers boardgame: 4/22/2016 22:01:34

҈ TeeMee123 ҈
Level 52
I figured out how to use gamejolt since doing the google drive thing. Replaced the old link. Also I added the rules.

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