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Playing Fair?: 4/16/2016 15:09:50

Dead Account
Level 20
How do you think of adding something that would prevent from losing while someone would bet banned in 1st turn? Because playing with disadvantage since beggining is nearly impossible to win(i think it is possible under some circumstances).
Just another thing to cover up open seat prequsties.
It would be another thing to set up in create game menu

Edited 4/16/2016 15:11:31
Playing Fair?: 4/16/2016 15:16:09

Level 62
Set a max boot %. I would think 20% maximum.
Playing Fair?: 4/16/2016 15:25:06

Level 56
Really fair players would react if you ask them to vote....
So just ask for a vote if someone gets booted in a teamgame. Or just play with reliable players you know.
Playing Fair?: 4/16/2016 18:14:40

Level 58
There should be a setting that says auto vote to end if someone is booted before x amount of turns.
Playing Fair?: 4/17/2016 04:19:56

Dead Account
Level 20
Yeah i Agree with you Nogals.
I think the main reason of it, it s because it happends in levels like i do have.
@Ulti Well i dont have reliable players for now on. But i can show you secound game without vote in 1st turn. Only Team A didnt wanted to surrender so we tooked Player from Team C as Teammate to crush them.
Playing Fair?: 4/17/2016 11:19:14

Level 59
Some mechanism to ban that player, but also to have replacement, if booting is done in first few turns. In team tournaments, booted positions should have taken by active players, or their territores should be add to weakest player of the team (thus losing basic income per turn).
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