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How do you beat level three single player?: 4/14/2016 02:03:36

Level 20
There is something that I don't know about the math of bonuses. Also about fog, and neutral territories. I have tries several different strategies. Have mu borders built up to over 100 armies, and then someone pops up out of the fog with like 250 armies. Then in just a turn will have over 100 more. How is that possible? Or they will have 150 armies, and then double to 300 in just one turn. I watch several youtube level three games, and I don't see this happening in any of them. If there is a certain method to attacking, where you don't attack neutral territories, then I need to learn this method. Or if there is a way to earn a super bonus that lets you double up somehow, then I need to learn it. Please help, I can't get past level three single player.

How do you beat level three single player?: 4/14/2016 02:19:34

Level 63
sounds like you're playing too defensive. If you aren't attacking, eventually the other AI's kill each other, until one owns pretty much everything and earns a load of troops. There's no superbonus, to have stacks of over 100 armies on Medium earth is kind of crazy, you just need to attack and expand more.
How do you beat level three single player?: 4/14/2016 02:20:44

Level 60
Well, it sounds like you are being too passive. Try being more aggressive and take your bonuses faster. Also note that you will circulate where you start. I think Africa is the best spot. (if I remember right.)

Then focus on one AI at a time (this is not the fastest, but it is the easiest.). WHen they move they don't plan ahead, so if you have 1 on your land, they will often only attack with 2. Thus deploying 1's often is the best defence. This also means that 2 attackers on 1 defender is the way to go. In many cases the AI won't try to retake the spot.

FURthermore, check out Multiplayer, this is where the real action is :D

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How do you beat level three single player?: 4/14/2016 06:06:30

Level 59
I tried it a few days ago and won it (38 turns).

You need to pay attention to a few points:
1.fastest expansion possible:
-attack neutrals (that have 2 armies) with 3 armies;
-finish bonus as fast as you can, and try as possible to open for the next bonus;
-first do bonus that give a good amount of bonus per territory (for example west africa gives you 4 bonus for 5 territories, and south america gives 4 bonus for 8 territories, so west africa is much better).

2.Control the game and use cards wisely:
-The regions where there is connection between north and south (there are 6 i think, they are some kinds of bottlenecks) are very important. Its really good to block some of this when possible, defend some, and attack at others.
-emergency blockade cards are really really important here. they made a territory neutral and multiple the number of armies by 5(you lose a few, but that territory will be blocked). If an enemy run against you with 250 and you know where he is going (like the bottlenecks), you can emergency block with 60 for example, then the territory will become neutral with 70*5=350 armies and the enemy will lose a lot attacking that 350. They will not attack it if you blockade a turn before he get to the bottleneck.
-this blockades gives you less fronts to fight the enemy, and will destroy a good ammount of what they have.

3.Spoil their bonus:
-When possible, try to break some bonus (take one territory of a region) of the enemy.
-try to run with some armies at their territories (in my game i did in three of the 6 bottlenecks, blocked 2 and defended 1). This will really damage them.
-try to kill those weaks, and break a few bonus and the armies of the strongs.
-dont defend too much, delay some attacks where the enemy can attack you and you can defend, do first move when you need to run against a big army that you cant defend.

that may help.. try multiplayer, its much better

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How do you beat level three single player?: 4/14/2016 06:42:57

Level 59
ah sorry, i was thinking in the challenge 3 =( damn, that took me some time
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