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Mock elections: CNN interview with Smedley Butler: 4/11/2016 20:03:38

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
Anderson Cooper: Welcome back to the CNN newsroom. Our guest today is famed Marine Corp Major General, zombie and anti-war activist Smedley Butler, how are you doing Smedley?

Smedley Butler: I'm doing good Anderson.

AC: So you astonished lots of people when you came back from the dead, and proceeded to join the Libertarian Party and run for leader of it, what's behind your decision?

SB: Well I've seen the awful state of what's happened while I've been dead, and it looks like the US has created a global empire while committing it's same atrocities , but now on a global scale. At the same time the people of this great country are having nearly half of their money stolen by government and the dollar is about to collapse. What's worse is that the Republicans and what was left of the Democrats were corporatist warmongers that had little difference between them, and the socialists will surely fill the hole left by the Democrats collapsing.

AC: Wow, I haven't heard such sharp criticism in a while, but I have another question; will you run for president this year?

SB: No comment

AC: Alright how about we discuss your views on US foreign policy. A lesser known conflict is going on in Mali, what's your views on that?

SB: Well , after Qadaffi left North Mali, the government basically abandoned it to the locals until the locals started trying to gain independence. The locals started letting Al-Qaeda in , Al-Qaeda which is being funded by the US, and then Al-Qaeda has been making Mali a destabilized mess so China won't invest money there. Then the French are afraid of losing their investments there so they're very active in fighting militants in Mali.

AC: Sorry but I have to cut you off for some breaking news, in London there has been a incident near a Muslim neighborhood involving Neo-Nazis , explosives and fully automatic weapons, we will keep you updated as the situation progresses.

Mock elections: CNN interview with Smedley Butler: 4/11/2016 23:24:16

Level 46
Too short of an interview to really gather anything from it.
Lots of criticism of policies, but doesn't offer an alternative.
If you're going to raise possibly valid criticism, offer a way to fix.
Mock elections: CNN interview with Smedley Butler: 4/11/2016 23:57:34

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
AC: And we are back from our coverage of the massacre in London that has taken 68 lives. Smedley, what is your solution to this "problem", and at that , why is it a problem?

SB: It is a problem because these wars and conflicts have not just made us numerous enemies, but have taken the lives of tens of thousands of young Americans who were tricked into helping run a racket for the government and it's business-folk. These wars are against the very foundation of America, curtail freedom at home and open the path to the large government that republicans and socialists want so very much. My solution to this problem is that the US military get it's budget cut by 97% , abolish multiple federal agencies and abolish the income tax, making the government properly smaller.

AC: But doesn't radical Islam threaten us and will want to make us less free?

SB: The only organization that has successfully made us less free as a people is the federal government. They have infringed on almost every right of the American people, and encourage blowback from countries that the government attacks. In 2003, there were no Islamic militants active in Iraq that were planning to attack the US. After the invasion , thousands of young men and women were radicalized by fringe groups like Al-Qaeda. Without that war, we would have not have a Neo-Caliphate running around in Northern Iraq and Syria.

AC: What about Iran?

SB: Iran's and the US's history started when we deposed

AC: Please not a hist-

SB: Let me finish! Iran's and the US's history started when we deposed the government of Iran and put in place a dictator that let the American government use it's oil fields as it pleased. This and other abuses of Iran paved the way for the 1979 revolution gave way to the current Theocratic Republic we have today. We supported Iraq in the Iran-Iraq war, and we hurt them from then to now, with sanctions and other threats. We cannot allow the government to continue it's stranglehold on freedom throughout the world and we must remove the government from business to free the market up and give power back to the poor and middle class from the Neo-Fascists. I remember when Mussolini came to power in Italy, and I remember reading his vision of the perfect model of a government, and the politicians and corporatists are following that plan as we speak!

AC: All right that's all the time we have, next up, did the movie Genghis Khan give people cancer?

Mock elections: CNN interview with Smedley Butler: 4/12/2016 14:05:05

Cata Cauda
Level 58
Lol move out of that shit country then. You are right, the US is a crap country, leave it before they "take more of your freedom"!
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