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Excommunication From The Elitist Church!? WGL132!: 4/9/2016 19:06:34

Level 58
We were all waiting for it. The final showdown in WGL #132 between MoD and Beren. The climax of the rivalry!

But then I realised! MoD didn't arrive. Beren didn't arrive. Jefferspin didn't arrive! Seph didn't arrive! Has there been a mass excommunication in the Elitist Church? Let's find out!

"Seph is a racist Italian who rages when he loses. He's turning into an Italian Boston" ~ ps 2K16

Has SuperSmoove replaced MoD's position in the Elitist Church? Who knows?

"SuperSmoove! Your name makes me think of that Hitler song! The SS on my jacket stands for Super-Smooth" ~ ps 2K16

Switzerland were neutral in WWII

MoD lives in Switzerland.

Have Nazis ousted some accused racists *"Jeff I knew you were racist!"* and the ultimate civil war in the elitist church forever?

This weeks WGL was in Austria.

Whoa! Is that calling SuperSmoove a Nazi? I don't think so. But we cannot rule that out!

Has Beren secretly hijacked the Oppress MoD Group? Possibly! Why has this amazing movie never aired?

Have the producers of this wonderful film been excommunicated? Is this why none of them were able to commentate, or even appear at the latest WGL?

Now, MoD is a known liar.

Does this mean that he was also not being serious when his mini-war with Beren was happening? Was this just disguising what was actually going on behind the scenes? No wonder they were excommunicated! Like Lee Harvey Oswald: GET RID OF THE EVIDENCE!

But WHO could have excommunicated them. Up until this point, we all thought that MoD was behind the Elitist Church, correct? This obviously isn't the case. There is a higher being. PS obviously isn't it. He's merely a puppet of this higher deity.


I think I know who it is. ps has been a very active protester of this divine being's magnificence.

No, it's not Laku.

No, it's not SuperSmoove. He would be too obvious.

It is someone many people have constantly worshipped. The being that turned Lolo into Kenny. It is!

Excommunication From The Elitist Church!? WGL132!: 4/9/2016 19:09:50

Level 60
PS betrayed the elitist church to join the FSM heretics? Well, damn!

WGL confirmed to be mass brainwashing. Good thing I didn't join this time!

The weird matches and Tjoex beating Dom and Sultan was just distraction to hide the reality from us!

And once again, I ask... #TeamBeren or #TeamMoD?

Edited 4/9/2016 19:12:03
Excommunication From The Elitist Church!? WGL132!: 4/9/2016 23:23:45

Level 60
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