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Clan 1v1 Proposal: 4/8/2016 17:53:18

Level 51
Given the influx of clan vs. clan challenges, here's a proposal for a simpler format:

Each clan must provide:

6 1v1 teams, ranked #1-#6 in terms of skill
3 2v2 teams, ranked #1-#3 in terms of skill
2 3v3 teams, ranked #1-#2 in terms of skill
There may be overlap between teams, but a single player may not compete in multiple teams in the same format. This means that each clan must have between 6 to 18 players supplied.

6 1v1 templates, ranked #1-#6 in terms of preference
3 2v2 templates, ranked #1-#3 in terms of preference
2 3v3 templates, ranked #1-#2 in terms of preference

All templates must be multi-day with 3-day direct boot and 3-day autoboot (vacations respected)

Mechanics - Template Selection

Templates that are on both clans' lists get priority and are automatically selected. Any remaining slots shall be decided in the following manner:

- Template priority ranks are adjusted to account for the removal of templates (after each step)

- A coin flip (or some other fair random event) is used to assign priority to a clan- its highest-priority template is picked, then the other clan's highest-priority template is picked, and so on until all slots are filled.

- Templates are assigned final priority ratings using the sum of ratings by different clans (if they're on both lists) or adding (# of templates submitted by each side- 6 for 1v1, 3 for 2v2, and 2 for 3v3) to their priority rating (if they're on one clan's list). If there's a tie, a coin flip (or some other fair random event) can be used to increment one template's rating by 0.5 to resolve the tie.

This process will be done separately for each format.

Mechanics - Team Pairing

Each team plays a game against the corresponding-rank team on the other side. Templates are assigned based on their final priority ratings- with templates assigned to teams based on priority ratings (lower ratings go to better ranked teams).


Each 1v1 win is worth 1 point. 2v2 wins are worth 2, and 3v3 wins are worth 3. This means that each team can get up to 18 points- 6 from 1v1, 6 from 2v2, and 6 from 3v3. (This means that clan matches can end in draws).

Sample Matchup

Clan A
9 total players

1. Mad Koala
2. Sad Koala
3. Rad Koala
4. Dad Koala
5. Tad Koala
6. Bad Koala

1. Sad Koala/Rad Koala
2. Dad Koala/Bad Koala
3. Glad Koala/Fad Koala

1. Mad Koala/Bad Koala/Tad Koala
2. Lad Koala/Sad Koala/Dad Koala


1. Strat MME 0% SR
2. Strat ME 0% WR
3. Treasure Island 1v1 0% SR
4. Guiroma 1v1
5. Battle Islands V
6. French Brawl 1v1

1. 2v2 Ladder Template
2. Strat ME 0% SR
3. Guiroma 2v2

1. EU 0% SR
2. GME 0% SR

Clan B
17 total players

1. Hydrogen
2. Helium
3. Boron
4. Carbon
5. Nitrogen
6. Oxygen

1. Hydrogen/Fluorine
2. Neon/Halon
3. Krypton/Americium

1. Californium/Berkeleium/Francium
2. Uranium/Plutonium/Silver


1. Battle Islands V
2. WGL #120
3. WGL #125
4. Rise of Rome 1v1
5. Turkey 1v1
6. Strat MME 0% SR

1. Guiroma 2v2
2. Szeropa 2v2
3. Rise of Rome 2v2

1. EU 0% WR
2. Rise of Rome 3v3

Actual Matchups


1. Battle Islands V (6) - Clan A wins
2. Strat MME 0% SR (7) - Clan A wins
3. Strat ME 0% WR (8) - Clan B wins
4. WGL #120 (8.5) - Clan A wins
5. WGL #125 (9) - Clan A wins
6. Treasure Island 1v1 0% SR (9.5) - Clan B wins

1. Guiroma 2v2 (4) - Clan B wins
2. Szeropa 2v2 (5) - Clan B wins
3. 2v2 Ladder Template (5.5) - Clan A wins

1. EU 0% WR (3) - Clan A wins
2. EU 0% SR (3.5) - Clan B wins

Final Score:

Clan A: 4+2+3=9
Clan B: 2+4+3=9

Result: DRAW

Edited 4/8/2016 19:32:13
Clan 1v1 Proposal: 4/8/2016 20:32:59

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
Too complicated I like Manchester's better.

Edited 4/8/2016 20:33:10
Clan 1v1 Proposal: 4/8/2016 20:55:34

Level 60
seems cool, I assume you want to make it automatic, like the infinity premier league. This could be a great addition to the clan aspect of WL
Clan 1v1 Proposal: 4/8/2016 21:03:54

Level 59
The infinity league was never automatic, that was manually set up every time (hence the strain to run it before) unless knyte has managed to change that and I just didn't know, of course...

This kinda looks similar to how the manager league works?
Clan 1v1 Proposal: 4/8/2016 21:10:31

Level 58
Yeah IPL was far short of full automation; game creation and querying were manual and took about 30min-2h off my life each day.

This would be a little bit simpler to automate and might be a good use of DigitalOcean credits before they expire.
Clan 1v1 Proposal: 4/8/2016 21:17:45

Level 59
Automate how, using Clot, or do you have a way to automatically host games now?
Clan 1v1 Proposal: 4/8/2016 21:48:37

Level 58
The create game API's been around basically forever and I've already written a Python wrapper library for all of the API endpoints on this site anyway.
Clan 1v1 Proposal: 4/8/2016 22:59:57

Level 59
Oh yeah, of course, completly forgot about that for some reason...

Yeah, that should work nicely, good thinking :)

If you do plan on working on the IPL again, maybe it would be best just to restrict it to the higher levels, or whatever works through the API. In the end I think most players would be happy for something limited then nothing at all, so long as it's within automated means.
Clan 1v1 Proposal: 4/8/2016 23:09:48

Level 51
I'd want to make it as a full-blown web app next time, probably.

Just having a hard time finding the motivation this semester- not just for this, but for a lot of things.
Clan 1v1 Proposal: 4/8/2016 23:31:26

Level 59
Amen to that.
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