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Warlight's Version of the "Madden Curse": 4/8/2016 12:42:06

Level 60
Hey guys,

Most of you have probably heard of the "Madden Curse," where players featured on the cover of the Madden NFL series of games have tended to suffer some kind of big injury, see a significant drop-off in production, or experience major personal problems. Here's more info if you haven't heard about it:


Anyway, did you know that Warlight has its own version? Many of you have heard of the prestigious Poon Of Our Ngenyanga (P.O.O.N.) award, where the Poon Squad honors an outstanding player each month. We've now passed the year mark of giving out this award, and have had 12 different winners over 13 months. Of those 12, 5 have disappeared under circumstances with varying degrees of mystery. Let's take a look:

March 2015 - Monsi
One of the original members of the Poon Squad, and one of the best, most active players on Warlight. Suddenly, around October, he started getting booted more often, and disappeared completely around November. He came back on Christmas, but was never as active as before. A few weeks ago, he silently disappeared again.

August 2015 - ieatpubes
Once called "the god of 1v1" by OxTheArtist, and was known to play in 50-60 games at once. Had to quit Warlight cold turkey in February to focus on his demanding real-life job.

September 2015 - Chris Peacock
The one-time winner of the Poon Squad Promotion/Relegation league, the first winner of the award since we changed the name from "Poon Squad Member of the Month," and one of the best all-time Warlight players. Had to quit a couple months ago to focus on school. Is currently a member of the Fizzer Appreciation Group, but is not active.

December 2015 - Jesse906
Vanished. He was a dedicated Poon and a skilled player. He once got his multi-day game count into the 70s. But 44 days ago, he just stopped showing up.

January 2016 - EvanHitman
A true work horse of Poon, he announced this morning that he would be taking a leave of absence.

Anyway, have a great weekend!

Warlight's Version of the "Madden Curse": 4/8/2016 13:58:35

[AOE]Orthrus Echo Five
Level 53
Maybe you just have a knack for choosing people who are about to leave the game. Just a thought.

Warlight's Version of the "Madden Curse": 4/8/2016 14:02:14

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
Jesse and ieatpubes were great peacock not so much.
Warlight's Version of the "Madden Curse": 4/8/2016 14:06:44

Level 58
I said Pubes was the god of 1v1 once, as a joke lol. I did like the guy though.

Also, since Evan is leaving, does that mean that the elitist Poons have room for 1 more player? :D
Warlight's Version of the "Madden Curse": 4/8/2016 14:28:17

Level 59
Peacock was around on 26 of January as I played with him that day. After the game I straight away offered a re game same team. Was impressed.

Edited 4/8/2016 14:28:33
Warlight's Version of the "Madden Curse": 4/8/2016 15:26:03

Level 60
@Ox we actually ended up over capacity due to one of our members taking a hiatus for the birth of his child. Now that he's back, we don't have any open spots to fill
Warlight's Version of the "Madden Curse": 4/8/2016 15:41:51

Beren • apex 
Level 63
I suspect there is a correlation between playing 70+ games at a time and getting burnt out and quitting Warlight...
Warlight's Version of the "Madden Curse": 4/8/2016 18:47:05

Level 60
it's still strange when you're at 70 games and you just stop showing up with no warning to your clan
Warlight's Version of the "Madden Curse": 4/8/2016 20:30:44

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
Ieatpubes was a good opponent ... or that might of been someone else. let me look.

nope it was indibob

also Poon curse.

Edited 4/8/2016 20:42:23
Warlight's Version of the "Madden Curse": 4/8/2016 20:42:07

Level 54
Slighty off-topic: Madden made me think of only one thing.

Moonbase Alpha.
That game.
that fucking game.
john madden
we're whalers on the moon, we carry a harpoon, but there ain't no whales so we tell tall tales and sing our whaling tune.

i regret nothing.
Warlight's Version of the "Madden Curse": 4/9/2016 05:36:59

Level 61
Why was this moved to the clans forum? Its about warlight players who dissapeared. Chris cum abusing his power again obviously
Warlight's Version of the "Madden Curse": 4/9/2016 12:56:00

Level 53
Note that it only counts against the players in your disgusting clan, so there are probably plenty of undocumented players this has happened to, regardless of your "award"
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