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Post Diplomacy Games Here: 4/5/2016 14:47:38

Level 45
Hey! So I've been wanting a place people can look for good diplomacy games that are going on. I make alot of these, so I thought I wanted a place to post anyhow, so here's the first one

*OPEN* https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=10877145

Slot A: Demon Hive-Demon puriss with slaves from every other race.
Slot B: Mixed race Country- North Men, Dwarves
Slot C: Human Purists-West Men
Slot D: Human Purists-West Men, Mixed race slaves
Slot E: Human Purists- Mixed Race Men
Slot F: Centaur Purists- Centaurs, Dwarf and Human slaves
Slot G: Elven Purists- Elves, Multi race refugees
Slot H: Half breed State- Human Elf Half breeds
Slot I: Human Purists- South Men
Slot J: Elven Purists- Elves, Multi Race Disciples
Slot K: Mixed race county-Dwarves, Elves, North Men, and Centaurs.
Slot L: Human Purists- Northmen, South Men Minority
Slot M: Mixed Race- North Men majority, Elves, Dwarves, South Men, Centaurs
Slot N: Dwarf Purists- Dwarfs, Human and Elf Apprentices
Slot O: Elven Purists- Elves, Small dwarf Minority
Slot P: Human Purists- South Men
Slot Q: Mixed Race- Centaur Majority, Human Minority
Slot R: Elven Purists- Elves, Half Elf Minority
Slot S: Human Purists- South Men, Centaur Minority
Slot T: Mixed Race- Elvish Majority, Human and Dwarf Minority
Slot U: Human Purists- South Men
Slot V: Mixed Race- Easterner Majority, Dwarf Minority
Slot W: Mixed Race- Dwarf Majority, Easterner Minority
Slot X: Mixed Race-Men of Elf Descent Majority, Dwarf and Easterner Minorities
Slot Y: Human Purists- North Men, Easterner Slaves
Slot Z: Dwarf Purists- Dwarves
Slot AA: Human Purists- North Men
Slot AB: Mixed Race- Elf Majority, North Men and Dwarf Minorities
Slot AC: Mixed Race- Dwarves and North Men
Slot AD: Dominion- Easterners
Slot AE: Dominion- Easterner Majority, Men of elf descend Minority
Slot AF: Human Purists- South Men, Elven Slaves
Slot AG: Dominion- Undead
Slot AH: Dominion- Snow Orcs
Slot AI: Dominion- Monsters (Giants spiders, Minotaur, ect…)
Slot AJ: Dominion- Goblins
Slot AK: Dominion- Human Cannibals
Slot AL: Dominion- Orc and Half Orcs
Slot AM: Dominion- F─ôsa (Lizard people)

Oceans are FFA, and attacks on Ships, or ocean trade route, shall be seen as "piracy" and not as a reason to become PE
Minor city slots may declare their own orientation, thus their stance in world affairs
Alliances must be announced in public chat.
People who break alliances, without a two turn warning, become PE.
Have fun
Team A and X are at war to begin with.
Post Diplomacy Games Here: 4/5/2016 14:58:57

Level 58
What a great idea, nice one!

I'm in :D
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