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A WarLight Pass: 3/27/2016 05:13:22

Castle Bravo
Level 56
Is there anything I can purchase such to the effect that I am immune to being banned? I really do enjoy bullying people on here as a past time but I just hate getting warned and banned! Ah darn it! There's got to be a better way I can pursue my passion! Take my money!
A WarLight Pass: 3/27/2016 05:22:02

Level 54
Well if you're just being an a-hole expect a ban. But there is the blurry line where you should be banned or no action is necessary. Fizzer doesn't know where that line is the issue and he abuses that. The worst part is how easy it is to report. It's quite literally "1984"'s spy children, in that fizzer has turned many into his own volunteer triggered plebs. It's disheartening that we should have to watch our language on a website for 13+ no less, that creativity should be hindered in any respect.

There are quite a few points i believe that suggest membership and other purchasables give very little to fizzer. And i unfortunately know from experience that because i and others who have donated (we never really "bought" much until now at least) means squat to fizzer when it comes to administration. You see how crazy he went over Google ads and the compromise he made to get around it. Though it could have been worse, it was still not an effective method.

Final point : Mercer. Bahahaha.. ha... that is all.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2