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Why not multi-transfer ?: 3/23/2016 12:41:42

Innocent XVIII
Level 41

"As soon as an army does a transfer, it then cannot do any more attacks or transfers for the remainder of that turn. In other words, each army can only do one transfer per turn and cannot attack after doing so. A transfer is defined as a move from one of your territories to another one of your territories (or teammate's territories.)"

But why not create a multi-transfer mode ?
Why not multi-transfer ?: 3/23/2016 12:51:48

Level 56

Fizzer: "WarLight used to have this feature. However, after testing it, we found it really wasn't fun. So it was removed and replaced with the multi-attack that we have now.

If you dig around you can find some old games that used it. The problem is it allows infinite amount of delay since you can just transfer armies back and forth forever. If it was ever brought back, there'd have to be some sort of limit instated. "
Why not multi-transfer ?: 3/23/2016 12:52:02

Level 58

If multitransfer was possible just as multiattack then the amount of possible tansfers wouldn't be infinite (since it would be forbidden to transfer two times from A to B in the same turn) however the amount of possible transfer moves would drastically increase. For example you could transfer a single army through all your connected territories and when the army is then back at the start you could still transfer it by taking a different path. Since there are various scenarios where moving after your opponent is beneficial at a certain level you would have to play like this in order to be capable to compete.
Why not multi-transfer ?: 3/23/2016 13:08:37

Level 56
just make it happen after/before all attacks, like in Risk. I support the idea
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