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glitch: 3/12/2016 00:27:09

Level 21
so in the central region of Scotland when I am playing against AIs the AIs can take it, but I can't.


their is a print screen link to see what I mean..
could someone please fix this.
glitch: 3/12/2016 00:53:26

Level 58

Warzone Creator
Unfortunately this is a bug with the Modern Europe map (I assume that's the map you're on? I can't verify from the screenshot)

This map has territories that overlap, which isn't supposed to be allowed in maps. There's another territory below the one that you can't click on, since it's below. You can work around it by selecting a territory near it, then clicking the arrow that leads to the below territory.

Edited 3/12/2016 00:54:11
glitch: 3/12/2016 01:18:46

Level 60
Being a problem in the map, it can only be fixed by the mapmaker.

...Weirdly, though, I never really noticed that weird overlap on that map.

If you want a suggestion, you can click "More Info" on a neighboring territory, and from there you can select the territory you want to interact with. Use this to bring the Borders territory upwards so it no longer gets overlapped, and try your best not to ever touch the Central one, as it'll make up go up and overlap Borders again.
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