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Pick order: 2/29/2016 21:34:33

Cat Jubbernaught
Level 37
Not sure if this would belong in general forum but meh.

So could anyone explain to me the likelyhood of getting certain picks? Because from what I understand,

If you don't get you 1st you normally get your 2nd and 3rd

But then I hear 1/2/5 is a likely combo as well

What I'm trying to say is what likely orders of these picks are there for instance is 4/5/6 ever possible?ect
I hear there is a soon to be rehauled set of single player tutorials prehapsthis could be included in one of them? It could be very useful to new players.

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Pick order: 2/29/2016 21:38:31

Level 60

For 1v1
4/5/6 is impossible
You will get 1 or 2 (or both)
Pick order: 2/29/2016 21:46:07

Level 63
In a 1v1, player A gets 1st pick, player B will then get his next available 2 picks, Player A then gets his next 2 available picks, and then B gets 2 picks etc until everyone has got all their picks. So if there is 6 picks the order is ABBAAB
Pick order: 2/29/2016 22:03:34

Level 57
This should help you get started!



The player to Commit Fastest: 1-4-5-8-9...
The Player to Commit Second: 2-3-6-7-10...

So when playing 2, 3 or 4-territory 1v1 Remember the Picking Cycle. Because this is crucial when you want to pick strategically knowing whether you will be first or second!

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Pick order: 3/1/2016 17:15:45

Cat Jubbernaught
Level 37
Thanks for the advice everyone :)
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