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Suggestion: 2/14/2016 07:54:30

Master Ryiro 
Level 62
In the past and even now there have been many complaints regarding not getting matchups in rt ladder for a long time,and getting booted in case the game starts and you're afk

suppose we have rt ladder games displayed like coin games are,it should help
1 person joins the ladder and is assigned a game which is displayed the same way coin games are in open games tab
the prerequisits are the person's rt ladder rating +-15%?something like that
since we don't know who the opponent is,there's no way to manipulate other than avoiding the templates we don't like,so i guess the template should also be hidden

1.matchups will be of similar level-2000 rated player won't play against anyone whose rating is considerably low
2.games will be faster
3.higher rated players will have equal opportunity to get invited in a game as opposed to the current system where higher rated players have a hard time finding an opponent
4.more user friendly?

1.i don't know how much effort it'll take for fizzer to make temlpates hidden,maybe that's an issue.
2.if there are no players having similar ratings at a time,the games will not be filled


Edited 2/14/2016 08:03:18
Suggestion: 2/14/2016 08:04:54

Level 58
I don't think the auto-games right now are actual games; instead, they're placeholders that redirect to a game once an opponent match is found. Similarly, Fizzer could have a placeholder auto-game for the RT ladder that displays an opponent if there's someone you'd get matched with normally or an Open Seat if there's no one like that.
Suggestion: 2/14/2016 08:15:43

Level 59
Fizzer is never going to bother changing anything like that.

Edited 2/14/2016 08:15:49
Suggestion: 2/14/2016 11:26:53

master of desaster 
Level 65
Sounds great. I bet it would be great for rt ladder participation. But giving the important coingame advertisement place partially to a ladder is definitely not on the roadmap.
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