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25 Words Of Wisdom (Foum Game): 2/8/2016 17:24:38

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
Words of wisdom is a game I which I say a phrase like "sumarise Donald Trump , in 25 words".
The reason why I put 25 words , so its easy to count.

What To Do

There are 2 separate parts of the same round , A and B.
If its Round 11 and Round 11 is in its 2nd part , it will be called "WoW 11B".

On each A round, you must give a phrase and it must be related to the promt I say to you like "What Happens if the moon didn't exist". Or use a sentence with the following words eg :" butthole , lolz , awkward , Saturn , etc.".

Rules :

-While you are doing a phrase , do not type over 25 words , if you do you , will NOT be eliminated , however your votes will be reduced by 2 for each word over.
-Punctuation marks do not count as words.
-No copy-pasting from others
-You can type in under 25 words.

Elimination Process

The way(s) you are eliminated

Not posting a phrase by the time WoW _B has come out
Not getting enough votes on strawpoll

There are rejoins (maybe)

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25 Words Of Wisdom (Foum Game): 2/8/2016 17:49:29

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
Player list [sign up here, post below if you want to] :
25 Words Of Wisdom (Foum Game): 2/8/2016 20:41:57

Level 56
This was a smashing success...not.
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