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Addtional Statistic Suggested: Team Totals: 2/5/2016 16:38:44

Level 61
Menu -> Statistics -> Graphs

It shouldn't be too hard to include an option of showing graphs of team totals.

There is a list of all players in the game, allowing you to select which players you wish to see on the graph. It's great that I can look at how each player's income changed each turn. It would be even cooler to be able to compare all of TeamA to all of TeamB.

"Oh! check it out! Were behind for 4 straight turns and we STILL won! Well played, guys!"
Addtional Statistic Suggested: Team Totals: 2/5/2016 16:46:50

Level 58
One implementation of this (that consumes the most space/memory but is pretty nice when it comes to time/speed) would be just tracking team totals throughout the game. If Fizzer ends up going with that, it'd be nice to be able to look at combined team income/territories/etc. on the right sidebar as well.

Basically, just treat teams as a special class of players.
Addtional Statistic Suggested: Team Totals: 2/5/2016 16:48:21

Level 56

A conceptually simple and more general solution (requiring more work, tho, esp on the UI) would be to allow people to put the players into arbitrary groups which are sub-totalled and graphed as one line. One default grouping could then just be 'by team'.

A very simple solution with much less work would be to allow the graph to be shown as a 'stacked line chart', and have a way to 'sort' the list of players so that all members of each team are stacked together. Then at least you could visually compare teams on the graph, even if the programming doesn't actually compute team totals.

Edited 2/5/2016 16:55:13
Addtional Statistic Suggested: Team Totals: 2/5/2016 17:24:27

Level 59
Good idea, maybe put this in the uservoice?
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