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Warlight Diplomacy Rules: 2/1/2016 04:14:21

Level 56
Rule 1: Never expect games to play out the way you want
Rule 2: Don't actually expect people to read rules
Rule 3: Never trust anyone when they tell you their income
Rule 4: Always gangbang France
Rule 5: Defense only makes sense if other people are also attacking the other person
Rule 6: Never pick Poland
Rule 7: Never give Falkland Islands to Argentina
Rule 8: Any war can be justified if enemy oppresses Russian minority, only works for Russia
Rule 9: War can be justified if someone else already declared on them
Warlight Diplomacy Rules: 2/2/2016 02:03:10

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
Rule 10:Expect for it to end the same date of the next year.
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