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In front of the Macroscope: DARKLORDS, part 2: 1/30/2016 07:12:54

Level 55
Part 1: https://www.warlight.net/Forum/122641-front-macroscope-darklords

Analysis 2/?

It will continue! Stay tuned.
In front of the Macroscope: DARKLORDS, part 2: 1/30/2016 07:40:20

Lord of Turnips
Level 59
Excellent analysis.
In front of the Macroscope: DARKLORDS, part 2: 1/30/2016 07:47:51

Thomas 633
Level 56
The first one was gr8
In front of the Macroscope: DARKLORDS, part 2: 1/30/2016 09:36:16

Level 49
Juq is back ! I'm creaming my pants.
In front of the Macroscope: DARKLORDS, part 2: 1/30/2016 10:35:08

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
In front of the Macroscope: DARKLORDS, part 2: 1/30/2016 11:10:55

Level 60
^ why it doesn't have the most important option: Infection ?

Good you're back <3
In front of the Macroscope: DARKLORDS, part 2: 1/30/2016 13:33:21

Level 58
Welcome back. Luna, he has many more (mostly incorrect) names than that =P
In front of the Macroscope: DARKLORDS, part 2: 1/30/2016 15:59:59

Lord Varys
Level 47
In front of the Macroscope: DARKLORDS, part 2: 2/3/2016 07:17:16

Level 55
Now, before I begin, I want to say that I am impressed with how many super boring threads there are in OT, how fast they were made, and proportion. 98% of 3 pages' worth in 2 or so days. Is there a forum hive mind groupthink that co-ordinates all this? All you should think about becoming volunteer dung beetles, the amount of TC that you compile, and digitally, mind'ou, make you very good. Most dung beetles haven't even used a computer in their life - can you imagine?

And disclaimer, since some idiot's going to start to say it (based on past experience), it's all in jest.

Also, I was planning to do Analysis 2/? in one post, but I reached the character limit, so I'm going to divide it up. Also, just for the record, relating to Analysis 1:

Did I mean that lord comes from the Old English words breed* and keeper?
No. I meant what I said: bread and keeper.

Don't you think you're being hypocritic with the name? You lead a clan that has dark in its name, too.
Not really. I did not name AD, and to be frank, I don't like the name and I'd change it if I could.

I don't think NIGHTLORDS sounds as cool.
We can agree to disagree.

Analysis 2.1/?

Clan frontpage:

There're several elements to a clan frontpage. We'll start from the top to the bottom. So, first, we have some irrelevant bars, for me, it begins at the website address bar, where we can get more info about the clan than just its TC name. Here, we learn the clan ID.

I'm going to try and talk about all the frontpage's elements, but be warned, some're so unimpressive, they make me anti-impressed. You can be impressed both by disgust and by brilliance, but it's neither - just TC like this painting by Monet. And he calls himself impressivist, ha.

For those of you who are noob to Warlight, I'll give you the knowledge. It's the order in which it is chronologically made, that is, 1 is 1st clan made, 2 is second, so on. I'll have you know what is the very first clan made though, with id=0. It's called humanity. But faff 'em, they're arses. Moreover, someone stupid lost the manager rights forever.

While we're on the subject of noobishness, noob is actually spelled with two o's, not two 0's. How stupid do you have to be in order to think it has bleeding digits in a word? And while we're on it, 1334 is a number, not a word. F-ing idiots, these days.

So, for DARKLORDS, id=140. They're pretty lucky to have a neat number. By that I mean ending in 0 or 5. 4/5 clans don't get that privilege, but furthermore, it's a multiple of 7. 6/7 clans don't get that privilege. So, you could have some good Hanukah parties with The Blue Pentavirate (id=35), The Lost Wolves (id=70). I'm just kidding, noone could have a good Hanukah with the DARKLORDS - I know Hanukah is something about a candle making it for 7 days, but the DARKLORDS are probably the ones who managed to blow it out in the end, while the Lost Wolves then ate the Jews that had the candles, while the Blue Pentavirate, probably drew a pentacle to summon Muhammad the devil to conquer Israel.

This is a menora, to celebrate the 7 days that some candle lasted. Note: if a menora has 9 candles, whoever made it wanted to offend Judaism.

Next, let's look at the clan image. It's not very big, although the DARKLORDS can not change that, but they should accomodate for that. Seems like someone crudely drew bright red stripes on a boring picture of 20 folk. Y'know, for being the DARKLORDS, they often do powerful like the light. A true DARKLORDS, like my cat, needs darkness to the point that he sleeps under my bedsheets most of the tame. You're telling me that my cat is more of a DARKLORDS than the DARKLORDS?

Y'know how, in the Antique Mediterranean World, they would put a man and a lion together and see what came from it (the lion)? Yeah, if a homecat can defeat the DARKLORDS, they've not a chance against a big cat. Probably they banned the word 'cat' in DARKLORDS since one of their members was killed by one.

Now, in m'opinion, I think this is the redeeming thing that the Darklords have: their member count. 456. First, it's another number jewel - the chances that a 3 digit number be consecutive like'at is something like 7/999. Maybe they should be called the Number Bloodline, instead of DARKLORDS. They get born into this numeric privileges (I myself came from a numerically challenged home - always getting boring numbers like 38 or something), but don't talk about that at all, instead choosing to pride themselves of supposedly being DARK. Oh, and I suspe't the grounds that they're not smart enough to know what they're doing wrong is that they intermarried so much, they got all the recessive genetic illnesses, and became haemophiliac stupidheads.

Many politicians, Nigel Farage (for those in America, British Donald Trump) in particular, have cultivated idiocracy to such a great magnitude. Though they might not be haemophiliac, they make up for not being haemophiliac by combining genetic stupidity with stupidity that they've picked up along the way.

Oh, I forgot to mention, it's the most that any clan has, I believe. But for DARKLORDS, or the Number Bloodline, it's like each member is a night (or day, considering how much they don't enforce DARK zoology) zoologist, who pride themselves on their intense lack of light, while everyone else is a Dark zoologist, otherwise known as a necromant. What zoology building would you go to, the one who has the most "zoologists", who probably bloodlet themselves and forget how to read to return back into the DARK, medeval times. No, you don't want that one. You want anything else, and necromancy is cool.

Virology is the way to go though, if you want to be a necromancer, not DARK zoology. Virologist necromancers have a virus that can enter a dead cell and re-animate it, to the extent of it being able to make more vira. Now, do zoology if you want to learn the skills of invulnerability - moss piglets will teach you the way, from not freezing to death at -272C to pretty much not dying of hunger.

Next to be talked about is the link. The DARKLORDS' link is like, oh, there's a good analogy to be made here. So, Mars's 2 moons, Phobos and Deimos. Phobos is the bigger one, with mean radius 11 km. But Phobos is pretty massive, and has a good gravity - you must to run at 11.4 m/s to get out. Well, the DARKLORDS mainpage is Phobos. You try to go for a change from being where folk are going to get exiled to in the future to just anywhere else. So, you try to escape Phobos, but can't run fast enough. That's clicking the link and going right back. The best you can hope for is some fun jumping really high, but if you do manage to make it off, there's no links to anywhere else significantly different - you're just in open space now, which is the omnipresent grey background of Warlight. TLDR, don't ever have anything to do with Phobos.

If a company called UAC ever goes on the stock market, NEVER invest in it unless you'd like to be killed in a daemon horde. When I was stuck on Phobos, by the aliens, even those idiots knew not to linger about the daemonic tuning rod appropriately called Phobos (Fear, in Greek). My out-of-body spiritual experiences, coupled with my alien kidnappings were actually the inspiration for the Doom serie.

Next, the tagline: "MAY THE WRATH OF HELL SWALLOW YOU". If you could make real cheese out of cheesy words, this would be a speciesless cheese, since this is so bland. I get it, it may have been cool and heterodox to say that in the 1960s or something, but now? And even in the 1960s, it's badly phrased - switch out the fullstop with a question mark, and you've a kind Satanist who is asking if you would like to be the next sacrifice. May the wrath of hell swallow you please, maybe on wednesday? It's a pity if you didn't come. And can hell's wrath swallow something? Hell is a site, not a person. Can a house or Canada swallow you? And this is furthermore, than site's feelings - but feelings can't swallow anything either. I'd write something like this: "Have you ever petted an imp? You gotta go to Hell though, if you want to. It's only at Hell.". Persuasion like this, not a direct and ambiguous frain. And also, it's in ALL CAPS. Again, gives a childish feel to this, but what was I expecting in the DARKLORDS?

You typically see loads of fire in hell, too. I don't think a true DARKLORDS likes Hell. The Underworld, maybe. Maybe the DARKLORDS are blind from interbreeding genetic illnesses, too, but they like the edge of Hell and so picked it. I think the DARKLORDS should begin to associate themselves with black holes. They're so dark, they actively suck photons in with the gravity; and they're clearly edgy, being so dangerous and pretty mysterious, and it's very sucky, like the DARKLORDS.

Edited 2/3/2016 07:30:25
In front of the Macroscope: DARKLORDS, part 2: 2/3/2016 15:22:01

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
... i think you were more dunk this time then last time.
In front of the Macroscope: DARKLORDS, part 2: 2/3/2016 15:47:10

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56
bartender, more wodka!
In front of the Macroscope: DARKLORDS, part 2: 2/5/2016 22:48:10

Level 55
I suggest you look at this code from afar. I would use an image, but that's been revoked.

EMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNDD8NZ$$77I??$$+===?77$788Z7$$$ZOOO888888888DDOOOZ..... .....
MMMMMMMMMMNNDD888888D88$$$$7+?7$ZDNNDD88OZ$$ZZOOOOO888DDDDDDDNZ ................

Edited 2/5/2016 22:49:42
In front of the Macroscope: DARKLORDS, part 2: 2/5/2016 22:52:03

Angry Koala
Level 57
^ Putin's face?
In front of the Macroscope: DARKLORDS, part 2: 2/5/2016 23:03:33

Thomas 633
Level 56
It has a trianglular mustache m8.
In front of the Macroscope: DARKLORDS, part 2: 2/5/2016 23:42:20

Level 55
Ok, this shouldn't be too bad, actually. I'll just get some member to post these for me.
In front of the Macroscope: DARKLORDS, part 2: 2/6/2016 03:23:24

King C******* V 
Level 58
My analyst....

They paid 15 bucks and act like clans can actually do significant things against other clans on Warlight.
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