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How getting priority picks wins the game: 4/4/2011 17:37:15

Level 42
As you can see we both picked Antartica 1 and aussie 2 He got aussie i got antartica which led me to break him If i got Aussie and he got antartica i wouild have been squeezed and lost http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?GameID=1265767
How getting priority picks wins the game: 4/4/2011 19:44:38

Blue Precision 
Level 32
This just shows why your first 4 picks are critical. When making them you should always account for each scenario. If you get your first pick, what should you do. If you lose out on your first pick at least take solace and have a solid game plan around knowing you'll get your #2 and #3.

Personally, if given the choice I would more often prefer foregoing the first pick and instead getting my 2 and 3, especially if I clump them together for a quick 4 set. The advantage of the first pick having an advantage is a myth in my opinion. The sequencing order more than makes up for this.

If your strategy hinges on getting your first pick then you will never be a very strong player.
How getting priority picks wins the game: 4/4/2011 20:55:14

Matma Rex 
Level 12
IMO this game was more about his picks being all close together and your being spread out - so once you broke into Australia, he was dead, and even when he broke into Antarctica, he could do nothing.
How getting priority picks wins the game: 4/6/2011 07:25:21

Level 55
and you should make more than 3 picks, preferably 6 in case he takes your spots
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