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Some Questions on Axis and Allies 1942 2nd Edition: 1/23/2016 13:43:40

Von Jewburg
Level 37
OK. Since I'm starting a game of A&A 1942 2nd edition with my friends, I have a few questions I need answered because the rule-book doesn't help.

1. I know that there is a separate attack for bombers, but can planes join the general attack phase?
(ex. Germany has a plane and 3 infantry somewhere. They attack a British territory. Does the plane attack as well?)
2. What happens in the case where one side is outnumbered? (I am attacked by 7 units where I have 2). Do only 2 enemy units fight? Or all of them?
3. Planes and bombers have a range. Does this range include moving over sea tiles as well as land tiles?
4. I know that units can only be placed on Industrial Complexes, but where must ships be placed?
5. In naval combat, how do planes on aircraft carriers function?
Some Questions on Axis and Allies 1942 2nd Edition: 1/23/2016 17:12:35

Level 54
Bruh like half these questions are in the manual.

Okay rundown anyway

1. If you are just attacking a territory, you can deploy your air forces to help your infantry, or they can just attack by themselves. The combat rules are still the same either way. When you're done attacking with planes, you move them out of that territory to a territory or aircraft carrier you've controlled since before your attacks this turn.

2. If they send 7 and you have 2,they attack with all 7. If you sent 5 and they had 4, you'd attack with 5. You attack with what you send, always.

3. It includes moving over all tiles yes sea and land. That's why it's important to find efficient flight paths. Remember, you might move your aircraft 2 spaces in the combat move phase, but you move them back in your noncombat phase with their remaining moves.

4. Ships are placed in any sea territory bordering a land tile that has a factory.

5. Iirc if your carrier gets busted you either lose your plans or move then to a territory using your plane's moves in noncombat. I've never had this problem because when i played i used carriers as little as possible. Whenever someone did use carriers they had enough escorts to make the carriers protected.
Some Questions on Axis and Allies 1942 2nd Edition: 1/23/2016 18:01:47

[WOLF] The Conservative
Level 56
Best board game i ever played
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