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Petition to Revalue Membership: 10/4/2013 00:40:26

Soviet Russia Buddy 
Level 33
If I had learned that in a few months I could get everything I payed for, for free, I never would have purchased membership. As it is, and in the words of many, membership's are now nothing but a glorified ad blocker. Member's once exclusive items can now be unlocked by anyone. Member's don't even get all the new features that came out on the new update (Such as the ability to host 40 player games). As one of the 5% (I believe that's the amount Fizzer posted a while back on how many players actually buy the game), I think member's should either get all features and not have to unlock them, or it should be harder for non-member's to get "exclusives".

Fizzer, if you actually read this and take this into consideration, thank you.
Petition to Revalue Membership: 10/4/2013 01:09:58

[REGL] Firehawk 
Level 49
I have mixed feelings about this. It was cool to have a membership (pre 2.0) and have many additional unlocks that non-members couldn't get. And now anybody can get those same unlocks. But I have to believe that Fizzer is going to implement new features that will be exclusive to members. When would that happen? I have no clue and only he could answer that, but I'm sure that it's on the drawing board. You aren't the only one to bring this to light in the past few months, nor will you be the last I'm sure, and I doubt that Fizzer has completely disregarded these concerns.

At the same time I'm still happy to be a member because I helped support the website. Fizzer has a great game here and he works very hard on it and I'm glad to see that the money I spent is going to a good cause that is always improving and expanding.
Petition to Revalue Membership: 10/4/2013 01:34:38

Level 59
Once again, Randomized Bonus Values can be a member only setting ;) wink wink Fizzer
Petition to Revalue Membership: 10/4/2013 01:47:08

Level 31
that... would... be a terrible setting
Petition to Revalue Membership: 10/4/2013 01:47:13

{rp} Kvich 
Level 52
Something I heard a friend once say something like, "if you like it, you should pay for it."
Now I can understand the mixed feelings about paying for something you could get for free, but hopefully members will get new features, either unique for members, or before non paying players.
But I do think that Fizzer have achieved something not many other 'free' online games have, a no pay to win button.
Surely many games you can be almost just as good as a paying player, but they offer some or many short cuts in exchange for a few pounds/dollars/euro/yen/other currency. (though that's a bit beside the point)

Personally I do plan on getting membership when I can afford it, and if for nothing else than knowing I supported a game I enjoy. (It's cheap yes, but currently in the middle of finding a job, recently moved to England, and now moving to a different part of England)
Petition to Revalue Membership: 10/4/2013 02:30:15

Level 51
SEASON 7 or 8 or whatever :D:D, that woudl be so awesome, another thing could be..NEW LADDARS,
Petition to Revalue Membership: 10/4/2013 02:48:32

Level 55
member only leagues
anonymous games
new ladders
variable bonuses
members dont need to level up for new settings
nonmembers can only level up to pre-2.0 member features
Petition to Revalue Membership: 10/4/2013 04:40:06

[TWI] ~Erebus~ 
Level 28
I love how you basically copy/pasted my words from clan chat lol XD. But yes, I do believe membership has been degraded and is basically an ad-blocker, but I do take some solace in the fact that I have helped to keep this game alive, a game that I have been enjoying for the past few years now.

But, I will not lie, had I known that all this stuff would be free in the coming months, and that nothing (so far) has been member-exclusive, for the most part, besides and ad-blocker....I probably would not have purchased a membership.
Petition to Revalue Membership: 10/4/2013 12:39:38

[TWI] Gozehhh
Level 12
Agreed with soviet.
Petition to Revalue Membership: 10/4/2013 23:04:18

Tim (TIM CLAN) 😡 
Level 61
Yea give us something, some kind of bone that the nonmembers will never get. It makes our membership feel like it was worth it.
People will never pay for what they get for nothing.
esp since it is so easy to move through the levels by cheating, and playing 2 names and or playing those duel games to jump up in levels.

You can move through all levels in a few days by cheating the system, so who would buy a membership, knowing that?
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