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New Idea: Copy Teammate's Picks (on uservoice): 1/19/2016 23:10:47

Level 60
Please vote for this if you find it useful:


Anyone that has played a game with lots of players knows what a pain it is to coordinate/match picks.
New Idea: Copy Teammate's Picks (on uservoice): 1/19/2016 23:34:48

Master of the Dead 
Level 63
Would be such a nice feature! Unfortunately I'm out of votes :(
New Idea: Copy Teammate's Picks (on uservoice): 1/20/2016 00:11:41

Level 59
Great idea!
New Idea: Copy Teammate's Picks (on uservoice): 1/20/2016 01:50:47

Level 62
Mirroring orders is even harder and more time consuming than on computer. +1
New Idea: Copy Teammate's Picks (on uservoice): 1/20/2016 12:58:37

Level 57
2-way street here!

Useful, but I do not see why mirroring should be promoted as Standard-playing-style. I always see mirroring as option if one is willing to put time into it. I see mirroring beneficial in balanced and strategic 2v2 and 3v3 templates. I do not think its that hard to do that manually. In large scale it usually falls apart, especially due to Cycle order! Secondly there is not exactly one approach to mirroring, unless you mean perfect one-to-one copy of other picks! Again why make it standard and promote it? Rather Warlight should induce importance and understanding how one should pick, not copy "allegedly" one players vision and decisions.

If everyone keeps mirroring in both teams, especially in large scale maps and player-base, I think peoples strategic-thinking reduces as one does not need to think for Pick-strategy, but just mirror. It all comes down to one-player decision and others copying. I would rather see a market for an option that already picked territories are non-pick-able for other team-mates. Opposite to mirroring! Limiting factor would be number of territories actually given. So if it is 4, then only first 4 are non-pick-able by other teammates, rest can be mirrored freely.

Or even a way that all picked territories are non-pick-able by other teammates. This would increase the risk-balance decision if and how many one should pick for back-up territories as each picked reduces team-mates options to choose!

Is not large-scale team-games about team co-ordination and communication, rather than one players view of best 50-territories to start in?
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