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Free coins!: 1/14/2016 23:38:34

Level 56
It can be safely assumed that at least all of us have played a SuperMario game one time in our lives. And a common theme in Mario games is collecting coins. Exactly who puts these coins and why? When you redo a level more coins appear! Why does this happen in the games?

Coins appear out of nowhere even though you have already done the level.

Which it should be implied that there are infinite amounts of gold coins(Every Jew's dream).

*Note: this was actually meant to be clickbait at first but then I thought up a decent idea*
Free coins!: 1/15/2016 01:07:29

Level 46
Of course, due to inflation, the coins have less buying power as a single coin.
Free coins!: 1/15/2016 18:06:56

Level 18
coins=lives in mario.

imagine buying you're reincarnation
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