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Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/13/2016 02:41:52

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/13/2016 02:42:32

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58

The Promotion/Relegation League is a seasonal group of round-robin Warlight tournaments, always on the classic “strategic middle earth” map and settings. Players are grouped into small groups (7 on average). At the end of each season, the top players of each group are promoted to the next group above. Bottom players are relegated to the next group below. Middle players remain in the same group.

The league is meant to appeal to players who want to see, over the course of several seasons, where their natural level of competition might take them. For new, skilled participants, this means patience in getting to the levels where they will be challenged. Hopefully, that is part of the fun. The idea is to see how quickly you can progress, how long you can stay high, or how long it takes to stop a skid.


The league is run with a balance of predictability and flexibility. Final decisions are made by the league administrator with an attempt to consider input of league players.

Currently, the model is to typically have the top two promote and the bottom two relegate but there are exceptions. Where there is default – a player becoming inactive or asking to bow out of the league – there can be more promotions to fill in the vacancy. Where this happens in several groups there can be a lot of shuffling. The principle, though, is to usually have at least one player from each group relegated. Several retirements mean fewer relegations and more super-promotions to keep the groups filled.

Any player inactive in the last three games of any tournament is deemed to be out of the league and can only return as a new player in an expansion or bottom group.

Placements in a round-robin are determined by number of wins. In the event of a tie, placements are determined by head-to-head results among the tied. Occasionally, there are loops of ties that cannot be resolved by the head-to-head rule. A tie-breaking tournament then takes place unless all the players involved agree to otherwise settle the tie. Where a tie-breaking tournament would delay the league too much, average turn-speed is rewarded to resolve such ties.

Anyone can join the league, members and non-members alike, simply by request in the most recent “Promotion/Relegation League” forum thread. New players begin in the bottom group or in an expansion group. Promotions from expansion groups depend on numbers within the new groups.

Before the beginning of each season, a summary of the movements will be announced to allow for questions or corrections. The league works most smoothly if those who wish to bow out of it let the administrator know before the new season begins instead of simply declining to play after the groups have been determined and tournaments begun.

The history of the last season can be reviewed from links in the season 17 thread:

Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/13/2016 02:43:25

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/13/2016 02:49:05

Level 62
Yay, it's finally here! (I almost never play on this map though, so I'll prepare to lose I guess)
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/13/2016 05:26:06

Level 59

Time for more predictions I'll probably get wrong!

GROUP A: In a group with 3 former winners, it's tempting to pick one of them. But both Jefferspin and FlyingBender finished just one win back from first last season. I expect a really exciting finish out of this crapshoot! I'm gonna pick FlyingBender to win, but I wouldn't place money on this bet. It's similarly difficult to determine who relegates, but I'll pick Mirror and grona. Mirror tends to hover between groups A and B, while grona has been finishing low in group A for a few seasons now.

GROUP B: This group is also really competitive, but I expect Timinator to snag a promotion spot. I would love to snag that second spot! But if not me, I think I'd pick Bjarke. Tenshi might not even join this season, given he's been away and gave his acct to clanmates to manage while he's gone. To relegate, I pick rocky1, not because he's a bad player, but because this is a tough group (and I like my record against him). And to join him.... well it depends on who is active really. Maybe his balls will get complacent.

GROUP C: I predict MoTD and Verzehrer to continue their fierce ascent up the ladder and take the promotion spots. Old Surehand did well last season, but then booted in a bunch of his games, so I'm picking him to relegate, along with Marechal Lannes. This means I think Frank will pay just enough attention to halt his relegation skid.

GROUP D: Thanks to a lot of superpromotions due to vacancies in group B, this group gets a lot of leftovers, plus the winners from group F. Therefore, like in group C, I'm picking the winners from last season, ChrisCMU and Don. To relegate... maybe Bigchps and Darkpie? I think there will be a lot of competition though.

GROUP E: I'm thinking MoD should win the group, and maybe Polakillo snags second place. Picking smileyleg and Andersault to relegate, though again I think I'm mostly guessing. Lots of good players in this group.

GROUP F: Frank going with an 8 player group F this season, lets see if they all end up joining. I'm picking Peixoto and almosttricky to promote, ARand0mPlayer and BlacKnight to relegate.

GROUP G: I expect Taisho to get riled up over failing to promote last season, and make up for it this season. I'm picking Great Expanse to join him, assuming he's active this season.

GROUP H: This group effectively hosts the winners of the noob groups last season. Since I think J1 was the most difficult group, I'm picking the turtles USA Bitches and Buns to promote. However I've seen good play from some of the others as well.

GROUP I: Again because of my love for J1 last season, I'm picking Gimli and Hostile to promote.

GROUP J: I know Arkanton was a bust last season, but I know he can play better than that, so I'm picking him to promote. And eh, maybe Platinum joins him, I dunno.

GROUP K: The newbie group! dodo commander is the clear favorite. Given my lack of knowledge of the other players, I'll pick the illuminati member Gustave II to finish... second.

Last season I was an even 50% right, lets see how I do this season!
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/13/2016 05:45:49

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
We will see how much damage I can do... I am a bit of an enigma when it comes to my 1v1 skills...
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/13/2016 07:57:07

Level 64
I thought Tenshi is currently inactive? Doesn't make sense to let someone play on his behalf in my opinion.
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/13/2016 09:07:31

Level 60
Excuse me, but... may I ask what happened to other ~20 people (including me) who also wanted to join P/R League this season? ^^ https://www.warlight.net/Forum/106960-promotionrelegation-league-season-17?Offset=180
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/13/2016 11:55:09

Timinator • apex 
Level 65
i expect frank to extend this from K to K1 to K4 or sth like this :P
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/14/2016 13:49:07

Level 48
I want to play.
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/14/2016 18:07:20

Level 61
I am controlling Tenshi account while he is away. I can play for him if that is allowed so he is not booted from the league. Up to frank.
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/16/2016 06:25:41

Level 60
I also asked to join the league while the previous season was running. If there are any extension groups please join me in. Thanks :)

Here is a post with new people by ChrisCMU (see Group L1+):

Edited 1/16/2016 06:29:41
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/16/2016 06:36:49

Level 57
Can I sign up for next season?
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/16/2016 18:14:19

Level 62
Everyone has joined from group F.
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/16/2016 21:36:47

Level 61
Why is it such a big deal to take part from this account instead of Platinum! Please, I even asked with my platinum account for this account ..I didn't even see a rule regarding this..
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/17/2016 12:37:57

Level 62
Sorry for the late notice, but I won't join the league after all. I don't think I have the time to play in another league. Good luck to all.
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/18/2016 03:49:12

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58
Why is it such a big deal to take part from this account instead of Platinum! Please, I even asked with my platinum account for this account ..I didn't even see a rule regarding this..

Well this is the problem:

I'm here to replace Platinum!

(Platinum and myself are real-life friends and he said he wants myself to replace him which is like group J)

Thank you!

Besides the rule is new accounts start from the bottom, NO exceptions
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/18/2016 03:51:50

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58
Also sorry Onama94, I'm creating the tournaments right now
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/18/2016 04:51:15

Level 56
Is it to late to join this? if not i'd like to sign up.
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/18/2016 05:00:48

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
How are you going to deal with groups I and K, where I has two declining players and K has one person inactive for over 100 days? I am curious.
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/18/2016 21:30:32

Level 63
I'd like to join too if possible :)
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/19/2016 14:09:05

Level 60
I'd like to leave the league after this season.
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/19/2016 14:26:44

Level 57
add me if it possible
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/19/2016 17:27:11

Level 61

On the presumption that nobody eles joins.

1. Dodo Commander
2. Gustave II
3. Gold
4. Aura Guardian
5. Expensive Narcotis
6. Bayern Munchen is the best!
7. AyushTheGreat
8. Gaspian

Hands down, Dodo Commander to win the group I think he just has too much skill for this group and should safely promote. I would like to think it would be a 3 way tie for promotion between myself Gustave and Aura Guardian, It will be close but I think Gustave will just go ahead of myself and Aura Guardian. I don't think Expensive Narcotis, Bayern Munchen and Ayush are ready enough to challenge for promotion but it can be proven wrong. Will be a interesting group especially to see Aura Guardian and Expensive Narcotis trying to challenge :)
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/19/2016 17:43:45

Luna {TJC}
Level 57
Yeah I would like to join next season if possible
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/19/2016 18:00:36

Level 61
I would still like to see a rule change for people who miss a season. Why should they start at the bottom? Just relegate them a spot (so it is the same as if they joined and lost all their games). It is a shame for someone to miss a season and then have to work all the way up again. It is also a shame the workaround is to actually join and just surrender. Why not allow for players to take an auto relegation instead?
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/19/2016 18:33:51

Level 59
Why not just make the league a pyramid, then it would be easier to get from the bottom to the top :)
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/19/2016 19:13:36

Level 58
Time to lock in my predictions... =P (warning: lots of text, and lots of stuff you'll disagree with)


1. Krzychu
2. timon92
3. FlyingBender
4. grona
5. Mirror
6. Jefferspin
7. Falker

I'm predicting a second win in a row by Chu, and FAG club finishing out on top. FlyingBender is probably underrated for sake of giving the FAG club 1st and 2nd. I think grona will pull through, and so will Mirror hopefully. I feel like Jefferspin will have a "pride before a fall" type thing :P. I don't think Falker can compete in A.


1. Timinator
2. Master Bjarke
3. Pushover
4. Master Turtle
5. his balls.
6. rocky1
7. Tenshi (?)

Timinator is a definite lock. I wouldn't be surprised to see a 3 way Master tie, and that'll definitely be one of the tighest races in this league. his balls. will survive, if Tenshi is counted in the "relegation", but I think it's him, and rocky who are going to C, unless one of the Masters really slips up.


1. Verzehrer
2. MotD
3. Frank
4. Beren
5. Old Surehand
6. Metatron
7. Maréchal Lannes

I'm actually predicting Verze to come out on top. Beren and Frank could go either way, but I want to see Frank get things back together, and might potentially promote. If the ol' WM player joins, I want to see him stay in the group, despite the fact Metatron will probably beat him. Maréchal is my prediction for 7th.


1. Ollie
2. Don
3. Chris
4. JV
5. Darkpie
6. Bigchps
7. Atom

While Ollie is at first, any one of the top 3 could take the #1 spot, I think. Whoever is 3rd, got the short end of the stick. If Darkpie isn't booted, he'll survive, and I'm predicting Bigchps to narrowly get relegated, and Atom to lose all of his games.


1. MoD
2. NoobSchool
3. Polakillo
4. Andersault
5. smiley
6. linberson
7. ferede

Lots of players I know are good, but don't know enough about them to be too accurate >_<. MoD is a sure lock for 1st, and I'm guessing that Noob is 2nd, although that's up to debate. smiley will escape relegation, and nobody will lose all of their matches, I don't think.


1. Peixoto
2. almosttricky
3. ps
4. Oh Noes
5. Stormers
6. BlacKnight
7. Wenyun
8. Rand0mPlayer

Peixoto or almost could take 1st here, but I'm going with the former. It'll be down to the wire with BlacKnight and Wenyun, but Blac is a friend of a friend so I'm predicting he'll take 6th.


1. Taisho
2. The Glorious Koala
3. Great Expanse
4. butterfly94
5. MightySpeck
6. bobbob000

Taisho to win. Glorious and Great Expanse will be incredibly close, but I'm predicting Glorious to win. Seeing as Cristoph hasn't been active, I think bob will take last, with Speck narrowly being relegated.


1. Buns
2. Hades
3. USA Biches
4. awesomeusername
5. Indiana Jones
6. The Cruelest
7. Benjamin628

Tough group, for H. Buns isn't a solid 1st, but I think he can win out. Biches will be a close 3rd, but I think Hades will narrowly win, if not a 3 way tie. awesome is often underrated, but I don't think he can beat the first 3. Ben and Cruelest I think will suffer relegation, whether Jones plays or not.


1. Gimli
2. Hostile
3. indibob
4. SAM
5. Colonel

A considerably easier group than H. Gimli and Hostile will have an easy time promoting, but indibob will avoid relegation.


1. Arkanton
2. Fleece
3. Cat
4. Ryzys
5. Des
6. ipg

Arkanton will easily take the win, but Fleece, Cat and Ryzys will fight out for 2nd. I'm predicting a 2nd snagged by Fleece, and the others to follow suit, respectively. Des will win out over ipg, and despite his coolness, lose to all the others.


1. dodo comander
2. Expensive Narcotics
3. Gold
4. Gustave II
5. Aura Guardian
6. Bayern
7. Gaspian
8. Ayush

dodo is an easy 1st. Expensive Narcotics, being one of the less known Forbidden Knowledge alts, will be underrated, but will take 2nd, if he is not booted. Gold will take 3rd, and then scream at his computer screen for not getting promoted. Gustave will narrowly take 4th, despite being slightly overrated. Aura will have a solid 5th. Bayern will take 6th, surprisingly not losing. Gaspian will win out over Ayush, and take 7th, while Ayush will lose 'em all.
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/19/2016 19:19:42

Level 59
I knew about Expensive Narcotics :P
Promotion/Relegation League Season 18: 1/19/2016 19:23:07

Level 58
but then again Ben, you know more than most people know :P Probably only Dr. Stupid knows more than you.
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