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Diplomacy Settings: 1/10/2016 22:38:49

Level 48
Now Warlight is a Fairly large Indie Game with scores of players many like to play FFAs Many like to play Diplos(myself included). Now I like Diplo games for many reasons there is a ton more conversation in a Diplo game than most FFAs becuase FFA is mostly about winning at all costs and there are no rules. Diplos on the other hand utilize Diplomacy, why, Because is fun you get to talk to and RP with people and you could start out as the smallest nation on the map and 40+ turns later end up winning the entire game through the use of Diplomacy, but one thing that always puts a damper on a Diplo game is when some FFA noob comes in and starts randomly attacking people and totaly screws up the game.

What I and many Diplo players would want is some kind of Diplo settings (im not the first to talk about this and wont be the last). Diplo settings that would make you bound by your word at least a little bit.

  • Declare war
    This would be an option when you click on a players name and what it would do is send an automated message in Public chat like Player A has declared war on Player B so everyone would know and Both Player A's and Player B's allies would be notifiesd and asked if they want to join the war upon which they can chose the join war function.
    However Upon Declaring war you would be force to wait a certain amot of time to order attacks based upon how the host would have it set, for example in a multi day game they may have to woit a turn to order attacks.

  • Alliance
    This would be another option you could choose when clicking on a player's name and upon accepting the alliance ther would be and auto message in public chat- Player Y and Player Z are now allies.
    However if they decline nothing would happen in public chat. There would also be a button for leaving the alliance and a turn limit before you can declare war.

    Diplomatic Relations- you would click on a players name and it would show all their enemies/allies.

    One alternative to this would be Teams that you can leave/join mid game or people can get booted of a team by unanimous vote.
  • Diplomacy Settings: 1/10/2016 22:43:31

    Level 60
    "but one thing that always puts a damper on a Diplo game is when some FFA noob comes in and starts randomly attacking people and totaly screws up the game."

    FUnny thing, cus I hate it when some DIplo n00bs comes in and randomly attacks in FFA's. They often destroy the balance the exist in a good FFA settings.

    Anyway, back to what you are actually trying to say. It has been suggested many times before and it is the most wanted feature on uservoice... http://warlight.uservoice.com/forums/77051-warlight-features

    So go ahead and vote.

    Edited 1/10/2016 22:44:38
    Diplomacy Settings: 1/11/2016 13:53:39

    master of desaster 
    Level 65
    Fizzer just implemented the new commander settings for diplo players. Don't expect to get what you'd like
    Diplomacy Settings: 1/11/2016 14:04:59

    Level 51
    Don't expect to get what you'd like

    This is a quotation from Fizzer:
    Thanks for the suggestion. Enforced peace treaties is a great feature for FFAs and diplomacy games. This is definitely something we’d love to add at some point in the future, but it’s not on our immediate roadmap.

    So I think we should expect it after all.
    Diplomacy Settings: 1/11/2016 14:53:56

    E Masterpierround
    Level 56

    In an FFA, randomly attacking is usually allowed. If it isn't, the game is normally called a diplo. I don't see how diplo people attacking randomly would ruin an FFA, unless you're complaining about poor strategic decisions upsetting the balance of an FFA, in which case I would like to point out that making poor strategic decisions is a problem in almost every game mode.
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