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Commanders and Fog: 1/6/2016 07:25:58

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
How do you know where the enemy commander is?

I assume in a normal fog game, if you can see the enemy territory (the number of armies) you can see if the commander is present.

What about different fog levels (Heavy?) for example.

Also, are there settings where you can always see where the Commander is but the remainder of the fog stays the same?
Commanders and Fog: 1/6/2016 07:28:27

Level 54
Never even thought of this now I'm just like

Commanders and Fog: 1/6/2016 08:10:31

Thomas 633
Level 56
Top idea m8.
Commanders and Fog: 1/6/2016 20:00:42

Level 61
I would guess that if you can see the number of armies for any reason (fog, team, spy card, etc.) you can see whether a commander is present. Just guessing though.
Commanders and Fog: 1/8/2016 20:12:09

Master Bjarke
Level 63
I can confirm that you can see the commander in the same way that you can see you opponents troops. At least in the game I have play and I believe that it would be the case across all fog settings
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