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What the???: 12/31/2015 21:14:18

[FCC] Aura Guardian 
Level 61

I have no idea what LeftoGRE was doing with that stack of armies turns 12-14. He was probably unaware of my presence in Canada at the time and trying to get more income, but why not simply expand into Africa at the time? He could have easily had me if he had done that.

He may have been initially trying to surprise me in Mexico, but the bonus was broken anyway, so ???

Also, he must have thought he had won ez early, because he told me "gg" in the chat at turn 7. He didn't realize I never had completed mexico to begin with.

A flawed game by any stretch of the imagination, but still.

Edited 12/31/2015 21:23:44
What the???: 12/31/2015 21:22:51

Cata Cauda
Level 58
They are from DARKLORDS, so yeah.
What the???: 12/31/2015 22:20:29

Lord of Turnips
Level 59
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