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Ok, so what's up with that?: 3/25/2011 00:39:25

Bonch The Great
Level 25
Does nobody say good game anymore?

Last 3 games no gg.

Is it just me? lol
Ok, so what's up with that?: 3/25/2011 00:49:06

Level 16
Were all three games good games?
Ok, so what's up with that?: 3/25/2011 00:53:16

Level 44
I say gg.. often times have to come back via the email to notice they surrendered to say it though..

some people just don't say it.. I feel, since i only leave up games where it's my turn or that i have messages, that it leaves the game unfinished in my head, and I am kept waiting for something that isn't going to happen...
Ok, so what's up with that?: 3/25/2011 03:38:58

The Impaller 
Level 9
Some people will get offended if you say GG and it wasn't a particularly good game or if you say GG before the game has actually ended. Or at least that has been my experience playing other games. If someone says gg to me I'll return it and I will say it in games I think were really good games, but I typically avoid it otherwise lest I accidentally offend my potentially easily offended opponent.
Ok, so what's up with that?: 3/25/2011 05:24:54

Level 5
It's appropriate in any game where you don't win via counterpick in the first few turns. Those aren't good games.

I like gl to start and gg to end, unless it's not a gg, then I say c'ya l8er.
Ok, so what's up with that?: 3/25/2011 08:21:55

Level 11
Hahaha Duke, couldn't agree more!
Ok, so what's up with that?: 3/25/2011 10:03:22

[WM] Nord 
Level 55
I usually say GG when I lose, as a congratulation. Unless I feel it was a bad game, or I'm too annoyed because of the lost.
Ok, so what's up with that?: 3/25/2011 13:51:41

Level 47
This morning I was entertaining myself by going through my extensive BLACK LIST and looking at the games I played with the unfortunate ones. I was worth some happy memories of an earlier time when we were all still friends.

LuCuS did a great job of telling me off once with this quote: "no why the fuck you telling me? you think you played some more games you will tell me what should i do? you wish.... i like when the team is really a team but i dont like fuckers who tell ooo im so experience and i have so lovely stas that you must do exacly what i say... if you like this way play by yourself..."
--quoted from this game: http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?GameID=1231746

I get wicked pissed (New England term) when someone says 'gg' and they are on the 'winning' team before I am ready to wave the WHITE FLAG. I have won several games when I had to drag my surrendering/protesting teammates along for the win.

In conclusion, I think that 'gg' should be a 'waving of the white flag' not an offer of surrender.
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