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Highlighted Wastelands & Manual Territories throug: 12/29/2015 18:36:46

Level 59
Idea In Short
An option to highlight Wastelands and possible Pick-Territories in Manual distribution game-mode through Fog during later phases of game as well. Ability to see them in order to save the need to check Turn-Zero in mid-game. At moment the workaround is Home Key in your keyboard – but its not convenient enough: at least not for me.

  • Because those territories have strategic value and they are visible in Full map for first turn only. There is no need to hide them during the game if known to all players on first turn anyway.
  • It would save time in Real-Time mode as well commiting speed in Multi-day game, if players could see them as well in mid-game (aka Turn 10 etc). Without having need to constantly checking First turn or alternative methonf of holdind 2-Windows open: one for first turn and other for commiting.
  • It would be much more convenient for strategic planning by showing those territories (having option to Toggle Show on/off) without constant need to rewind history back to Turn Zero. Third it would further induce strategic playing for a bit lazier players as well, who do not take the time to check for those areas in mid-game at all. It would enhance strategic planning and understanding of map.
Having Option to Toggle Show/Hide Wastelands & Manual Territories through fog as well those territories that you have captured or are in visible area and under enemy or teammate control. (Look images below) Just compare the two pictures. The visuals are just rough examples and not meant as part of Full idea. I do believe the visual side is up to developer to elaborate or some of You to suggest best possible option in your view – so feel free to post your version/idea for Developers to implement. The main issue with using colours is it might be too complicated to understand in large view coloured territories from players, but on other hands they are good spot after firsts. For bordering areas I just added M for previous Manual Territory and W for previous Wasteland. But like I said, I am just trying to make a point here, not specific visual concept. I would prefer Toggle on/off version – because at later game those territories maybe unneccesary and it would be better the clear off extra visuals to focus on standard battle.

Idea in Visuals
First Turn View Picking Phase in Manual Territory with Wastelands

Other turns View After Picking Phase in Manual Territory with Wastelands

Rough Sketch how to idea should look like in Theory (I would prefer colored to see spot them in large view as well)

Rough Sketch idea II - To differ the Bordering color players from Highlighted Territores: M stands for previous or current Manual Territory, W for previous or current Wasteland.

For Future Version II: Advnaced GUI for Warlight
I do hope the first part is just the beginning (and gets done in first half of 2016). So we could advance the game with further ideas in same section maybe second part of 2016 or 2017.
  • Tagging any specific territory – for example if you spy/recon someone you know where they are, you could tag the territory through fog to know that as well 10 turns later, without having need to check history! Or tag your abandoned/blockage cards. Your guesses who started where in map. Draw territory control path to calculate turns till contact and so on...etc.
  • Second have option to share your Tagged territories with Team or have option. Personal Tags, Team Tags! Because Team game requires team communication, planning and information sharing.
  • Option to Draw on map like Paint mode :) Yes, I love it. Why – because its helps to plan Multi-day games easier, no need to check Chat, Notepad writings or keep external information from warlight. Secondly it helps to communicate with team-mates who do not speak your language. Everyone understand the arrow sign? And let your imaginatio think of attack, defense, blockage :)
  • Notes on map: Similar to drawing. Having small notepad icon on your menu or some corner of GUI section so you could write tips, advice to yourself or Teammates. Chat is pretty much inconvenient for large-scale planning. Its made for discussion, arguing, proposing ideas, but not writing down straightforward strategy for Team. Also good way to keep notes on game details for Multi-day games that last long and need constant overview.

Bottom Line
Focus here on Part I – as this should be easier to implement and primary. In my view it is vital part to enhance the current system. In fact I am curious why it has not been done yet? Also Fizzer showed slight support in favour of the idea in 3rd Twitch Stream: https://youtu.be/OkuLbfKGa5s?t=1h55m40s (1 hour 55 minutes 40 seconds)
“Fizzer and Mercer have talked about it as well over Abilty to see wastelands later on”
I do think they still need little more convicing and pressure (read “support”) from community. I hope you like the idea and it would see the benefit in that. Please share your thoughts below and support Uservoice as it seems to be deciding factor here!

Support: https://warlight.uservoice.com/forums/77051-warlight-features/suggestions/11249544-highlighted-wastelands-manual-territories

Edited 12/29/2015 18:38:49
Highlighted Wastelands & Manual Territories throug: 12/29/2015 19:41:16

Timinator • apex 
Level 67
Man, i really need to find sth to take votes off and support this. Really time-saving.
Highlighted Wastelands & Manual Territories throug: 12/29/2015 19:56:14

Level 61

btw the only thing i'd like to have is a "Highlight all Wastelands" button to see all of them without having to search for them, especially on templates like Treasure Island (where neutrals are 2 and wastelands 7 and they look alike too much)
Highlighted Wastelands & Manual Territories throug: 1/1/2016 21:27:14

Level 59

I know tl:dr is kind of rule, rather than exception regarding my posts. I always try to make things as clear as possible, because usually people do not understand what they write about and it makes hard to understand the full meaning.

Also I think I made it still easy enough to skim through the general basic stuff.

I find it really reluctant to play and create 1v1 or 2v2 Strategic Manual + Wasteland games (especially in Real time) - where one needs to regard time as well. But it is not less pleasent in multi-day when I always must check first turn and shift back-and-forth to predict my opponents moves and plan mine. The "home" button is useful, but not that convenient!

To be honest this is the main reason why I favour sometimes certain automatic distribution, although I would prefer other. Especially playing on phone it is disturbing factor. I do find it rather crucial feature to promote strategic gameplay and enhance the game.

I do hope to get more support to convince game developers or get any feedback if alike feature is already "work-in-progress"!

Please support and Share if this is something you find useful and high priority!

Edited 1/1/2016 21:27:53
Highlighted Wastelands & Manual Territories throug: 1/2/2016 01:18:53

Hog Wild
Level 58
I like this idea too.

While normally I will try to look through the history to see the map distribution, etc., sometimes I am just cramped for time.
Highlighted Wastelands & Manual Territories throug: 1/4/2016 08:58:20

Level 59
This has been discussed to death, leaving notes as well etc, Fizzre doesn't care, he's response is always "You can just check history"
Highlighted Wastelands & Manual Territories throug: 1/4/2016 13:40:28

Level 50
I definitely like this idea. While not necessary, it would certainly improve the game by making it less tedious as you don't have to check history.

Edited 1/4/2016 13:40:45
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