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Champions League #2 Continuation: 12/25/2015 23:16:13

Level 58
Hello everybody,

As you'll have remembered, Platinum hosted a second Champions League. I don't plan to continue the series into #3, #4, etc. but I do hope that #2 gets complete. For lack of coins, that 120 coin prize is going to have to disappear, but I'd like to see it finished. :)

Something I also can't do is create the tournament >_< I've already made 5, and can't make any more. If anybody is willing to whip up a tournament with the names provided, no invite forwarding, 3 day boot, single elimination, old 1v1 ladder settings I'd be very grateful. The finalists are as follows:

From Group 1
MisterT, Arkanton

From Group 2
Sułtan Kosmitów, USA Biches

From Group 3
iNsAnE, Master Jz (Others declined / didn't join)

From Group 4
Buns157, Turkish

From Group 5

From Group 6
Master Turtle, Nogals/3-way-tie
(If Nogals gets at least 1 win, then it is Nogals. If justin beats Nogals, then it's a 3 way tie and matches must be replayed)

From Group 7
Master Bjarke, Ryzys

From Group 8
Master of the Dead, OxTheArtist (I too, can't believe it)

We're currently only waiting for Nogals to win one game, for it to progress, and I'd be very greatful if somebody put themself forward to officially host this tournament.

I predict Buns is going to win, just to see him get it 2 times in a row!

Thanks :)
Champions League #2 Continuation: 12/25/2015 23:32:33

♆♆♆ RedBloodyKiller ♆♆♆
Level 59
lol am still in this is weird
Champions League #2 Continuation: 12/25/2015 23:52:53

Level 63
I left because Bayern did not join the tournament for the past month or so, and Platinum retired shortly afterwards. If you create the tournament again, invite me.

Edited 12/25/2015 23:53:20
Champions League #2 Continuation: 12/26/2015 17:03:51

Master Turtle 
Level 61
Champions League #2 Continuation: 12/26/2015 17:52:46

Level 60
Platinum retired? Thanks, gods
Champions League #2 Continuation: 12/30/2015 19:18:49

Master Bjarke
Level 63
if the prize was 120 coins, I can provide that :). At least if I can figure out how to make a private coin tourney :P
Champions League #2 Continuation: 12/30/2015 19:39:39

Level 63
i would like to receive an invitation
Champions League #2 Continuation: 12/30/2015 20:46:50

Level 61
I can create just mail me the template and settings
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