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Quick question: 12/25/2015 01:50:11

Level 57
Sorry if this is a noobish question or a waste of a thread, but When creating games, specifically team games. Does The amount of card pieces received per turn refer to each play or the team itself? As in if I have a diplo card in 5 pieces with one received per turn, on a 5v5. Does that mean one full card per turn or once every five turns? I can't seem to figure it out xD

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Quick question: 12/25/2015 02:17:40

Master Farah♦ 
Level 60
It refers to a player. So every time a player conquers a territory, a card piece is rewarded to that player. Having a team of 5 all conquering a territory while having that cards split into 5 pieces, would give a team a diplo card on that turn.
Quick question: 12/25/2015 03:07:06

Master Ryiro 
Level 62
cards are earned by players and owned by the team
all players contribute to the additional card pieces your team get each turn if they have atleast 1 successful attack,as farah said

don't hesitate to ask such questions on forum
just make sure if you need help,post it in the help forum
and merry christmas :)

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