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The New 'Star Wars' Galaxy Map/Guide: 12/17/2015 11:47:27

Level 19
I present to you all the finished, published version of the 'Star Wars' galaxy map.


After some testing, some last kinks were ironed out and I feel fully confident in the release of this map. I thank those who did participate in testing. Below is the full description of the map, as it is somewhat different in gameplay and structure than other maps. Finally, I hope you all enjoy this map -- it was a labor of love, and I enjoyed making it. May the Force be with you!

This map has been based on 'Star Wars: Essential Atlas.'

Spanning from thousands of years in the galactic past to fifty years after the Battle of Yavin, this map encompasses areas & times from all over the Star Wars universe. Ready just in time to include the release of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens,' this map has been detailed with the artful sights & ships of the Star Wars galaxy to add to a more immersive experience. As a medium-sized map, nearly 170 planets & ships of relative key importance (canonically and/or strategically) made their way onto this galactic chart.

This map, embracing the galactic nature of the conquest, emphasizes both planetary & regional importance. Key hyperspace lanes & trade routes take the players farther & wider, with key bonuses for those with exclusive control of a whole route. Most individual planets are worth 2 troops per turn, while fleet ships are worth 1 per turn. There is one ship from each fleet which has a higher bonus.

Key locations (worth 3/turn) are: Bastion, Corellia, Csilla, Dathomir, Death Star II, Endor, Eriadu, Hapes, Hoth, Jakku, Mandalore, Millennium Falcon, Mon Calamari, Naboo, Nal Hutta, Rogue Squadron, Slave One, Tatooine, Trade Federation Blockade, Vector Prime, & Yavin 4. The 501st Legion is worth 2 troops per turn. These key locations are dispersed evenly across the map.

Coruscant -- the capital of the galaxy, in the center -- has the highest bonus of all, with 4 troops per turn to its credit.

The game, while being made faithfully to be accurate and true to the Star Wars universe, has also been balanced. For the most balanced game, it is strongly recommended that the proper distribution mode is selected to suit the number of players playing the game. Starting distributions specify player number & are choosable when creating the map. For more adventurous players, other modes exist, such as 'Order 66,' 'Outskirts,' 'Famous Ships,' & 'Stations.'

Scenario distribution modes have been included from some of the most dynamic and impactful conflicts in the history of the Star Wars galaxy. Locations have been selected based on key canonical importance for each faction. They include:
  • Knights of the Old Republic (A = Old Republic, B = Sith Empire)
  • The Clone Wars (A = Republic, B = Separatists)
  • Galactic Civil War (A = Rebel Alliance, B = Galactic Empire)
  • Thrawn Crisis (A = New Republic, B = Thrawn Empire)
  • New Jedi Order (A = Galactic Alliance, B = Yuuzhan Vong)

The galaxy also hosts some visual & canonical details to those who look for them, including portrayals of all fleet ships. A secret route connects two planets via portal -- Zonama Sekot connects to its twin. In the Star Wars galaxy, this planet has the ability to transport itself, and these are its two primary locations, North edge and West edge. It seemed only fitting that it would be a traversable route in this map.

A small note: The map is slightly zoomed out at the beginning, which I have been unable to modify, but this is easily remedied in-game by just a little zooming in, which is usually where gameplay takes place in any case. From then on, the issue solves itself.

Finally, to all those who play this, I hope you have fun! That's what the map is meant for. I have heard from testers that it may yield itself towards diplomacy-based games. I also heartily recommend playing music from the Star Wars films in the background, it only makes it all the more epic! I wish you all well playing this map, and may the Force be with you. The galaxy is yours.

Edited 12/17/2015 13:10:50
The New 'Star Wars' Galaxy Map/Guide: 12/17/2015 12:23:20

Level 5
Looks awesome, dude! I know how much work you put into this, so it's pretty exciting that you're finally publishing it.

Edited 12/17/2015 12:24:17
The New 'Star Wars' Galaxy Map/Guide: 12/17/2015 15:07:06

Level 50
Glad to see it's done!
The New 'Star Wars' Galaxy Map/Guide: 12/17/2015 15:10:04

Level 60
Happy to see it published! Will play it many times for sure.
The New 'Star Wars' Galaxy Map/Guide: 12/17/2015 16:08:34

Okabe Rintarou ( AKA Hououin Kyouma)
Level 56
May ALLAH have mercy on your soul infidel because you actually did something very halal
The New 'Star Wars' Galaxy Map/Guide: 12/19/2015 22:43:30

Level 19
After a small delay, now public!
The New 'Star Wars' Galaxy Map/Guide: 12/19/2015 23:04:50

Level 58
me likey! :)
The New 'Star Wars' Galaxy Map/Guide: 12/31/2015 06:05:36

Emperor_MMC {TBC}
Level 56
and may the force be with you to
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