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Warlight Fanfiction: 12/13/2015 07:02:23

Level 56
Loss of two kitties


(In a country home a couple is living together with nearby relatives. It is early morning and is a bright and shining day. Their simple home is made of wood)

*enters Genghis*

Genghis: Honey, my lovely sweet pie. Where is my food

*enters Kilos*

Kilos: My dear, can't you see the plate? Gosh husby, you really need to see the eye doctor

Genghis: How do you want me to see an eye doctor if Eye can not see

*pauses for audience laughter*

*hears knock on the door*

Genghis: Don't worry honeybunny. I'll go get the door

*walks to door and opens it, Bane enters*

Bane: Hello my goodman. I have arranged everything that needs to be done

Genghis: Are you sure? How much do I owe you?

Bane: No-no-no. Nothing it's out from my heart. My dear sister is suffering and I owe it to her

Genghis: Very well then. I'm very thankful. Thank you. Adieu.

Bane: Adieu

*Bane exits, Genghis closes door and tells Kilos the good news*


(Opens in a public park. A dirt sidewalk and green grass everywhere, Genghis and Kilos are walking Cauta Cuda, their “unique” cat)

*Enters Genghis, Kilos, and Cauta Cuda. They sit on grass and take a rest from walking*

Cauta: Meow meow

Kilos: Meow meow. Hahaha

*Hot girl runs past with her dog. Dog barks*

Genghis: Woof woof

*Pauses for audience laughter*

Kilos: So honey, I’m glad we got that operation

Genghis: Yes. I can see that little Cauta likes to have two heads. No more Catus or Cata

Cauta: Meow meow.

*Curtains close*


(Back in kitchen in Act I)

*Genghis walks around as he can not see*

Genghis: Honey, where are my glasses?

*Kilos screams off-screen*

Kilos: Wait honey, I’ll get. Just don’t stand up. The floor is slippery

Genghis: I need them now. I must read the newspaper

*Genghis stands up, a boiling pot is sitting on the stove*

Genghis: Honey, are they inside the drawers?

Kilos: Yes, just wait honey. I’ll be there soon

*Genghis walks over to the drawers. On his way he slips and out of desperation he attempts to grab something. He grabs the boiling pot. It splashes all over him*

*Genghis screams*

Genghis: Ahhhhhhhh!

*Kilos runs on-screen*

Kilos: Honey! Honey! What have you done!

*Kilos starts crying*

Kilos: Honey, please talk to me

*Genghis stops screaming*

Kilos: Honey, please
*Kilos starts to cry loudly on Genghis’ abdomen*

*Curtains close*
Warlight Fanfiction: 12/13/2015 07:05:37

Level 60
I need them now. I must read the newspaper

my fav part
Warlight Fanfiction: 12/13/2015 07:19:43

Level 56
I know it's a masterpiece, better than Shakespeare

It only took me like 5 minutes to change names with the original names I had written
Warlight Fanfiction: 12/13/2015 07:22:19

King C******* V 
Level 58
I wrote a story in preschool once about coyotes.
Warlight Fanfiction: 12/13/2015 07:24:16

Level 57
that's excellent work here.Good job Cacao.
Warlight Fanfiction: 12/13/2015 07:32:30

Level 35
Warlight Fanfiction: 12/13/2015 07:41:33

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
I want 2 see act 4 and more
Warlight Fanfiction: 12/13/2015 08:04:04

Level 59
Warlight Fanfiction: 12/13/2015 08:05:13

Level 59
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