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Level up system: 9/24/2013 17:49:07

Level 43

In the past 4 days I've gone from level 8 to level 23, and I'm not sure why I'm leveling so fast. I've played 40 games total, and I just got done playing with a lv 2 who has played almost 5 times as many games as I have.

Anyone want to try and explain the leveling system to me? Thanks.
Level up system: 9/24/2013 18:51:21

Level 58
You can see what you get points for on the points page; http://warlight.net/Points
you`ll level much quicker in the beginning, so you should start slowing down about now ;)
Level up system: 9/25/2013 00:30:59

Level 57
Also, the level-up or point system is relatively new, so players whose accounts existed before the 2.0 don't get points for their old games (though they have already unlocked some of the achievements). You can also get docked points for having an ad-block on, etc.
Level up system: 9/25/2013 01:12:44

Level 58
You can also get docked points for having an ad-block on, etc

there are other ways that will get you points docked?
Level up system: 9/25/2013 02:21:16

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58
Changing killrates will dock you points, and I believe that cheating can also cost you points (not sure though)
Level up system: 9/25/2013 15:24:37

Daisuke Jigen
Level 56
Also, you get points docked if you have played the same person more than once recently. Stops you from farming alts, etc.
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