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Black Friday: 11/27/2015 15:24:44

Von Jewburg
Level 37
It's currently Black Friday, and we all know what that means.*

People start trampling and pepper spraying each other, department stores are overrun by piranha like shoppers, screaming children can't get that one toy they wanted, and in the most recent eight years, 7 deaths and close to 100 injuries.

And now it starts on Thursday evening
Why? Why? Why?**

Is there really a need for this much violence over consumer goods? Must we honestly trample each other for new phones?

And this massive shopping spree comes right after a holiday where we are supposed to be thankful for things. Am I one of the only people who finds this appalling?

*If Karl/Vormaluk/Karl's Japanese alt/Karl's ISraeli alt spams some racist comments, you're dead to me
**It may also be because Syracuse won against UConn, and I'm in a grumpy mood.
Black Friday: 11/27/2015 15:35:35

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
Its a bit disappointing to see people act like that but at least we get amusing things like

(Sorry I couldn't get the video on its own)
Black Friday: 11/27/2015 16:18:55

Cata Cauda
Level 58
There is a reason why its called BLACK Friday...
Black Friday: 11/27/2015 16:48:33

Level 29
Black Friday: 11/27/2015 17:34:19

Level 36
There are steam sales, so I'm happy
Black Friday: 11/27/2015 18:43:19

Empire of Kilos
Level 32
Every black friday is like that one scene from Lion King, the shoppers are the Wildebeests and the employees or some unlucky Elder is Mufasa.
Black Friday: 11/30/2015 17:35:17

Level 61
I'm doing the helicopter dick right now
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