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WL prolems : mod(erators): 11/26/2015 17:00:05

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
mods are people who ban bisbehaving people.

in warlight , the only thing that benfited you for bening a mod is to promote anyones threads...

the only mod i know is CHRISCMU and some others but fizzer is reluctant to give people mod power and/or give people increased mod benifits this is madness.

the reason fizzer is reluctuant is beacuse the doesnt think the fourms has trolls , but in fact it s the oppisite. if fizz , will not upgrade the mod benifits , would i be more appropiate to call them : forum promoters?

aslo , if you ask fizz to ask for mod powers , you will never be replyed or simpliy e denied of any power aall , mayer fizzer thinks he can do this imself?


Edited 11/26/2015 17:00:17
WL prolems : mod(erators): 11/26/2015 17:27:42

Level 60
As far as i know only fizzer and mercer can edit a post, suspend a player, etc.
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